TITLE: Dir. of Catholic Identity Assessment & Formation DEPARTMENT: Catholic Identity
Assessment & Formation
REPORTS TO: Moderator of the Curia FLSA STATUS: Exempt, full-time
The Office of Catholic Identity Assessment has a two-fold charge: first to help Catholic elementary and
high schools in the Archdiocese strengthen their Catholic identity, character, and mission, and second, to
assess the extent to which these schools are fulfilling their Catholic mission in their core activities.
Strengthening Catholic identity in schools has two facets: strategy and formation of the formators. In this
context, strategy identifies the way academics, spiritual and moral norms and practices, and religious
activities work together to reinforce Catholic practice and understanding. Formation of the formators
entails helping teachers and administrators acquire the knowledge and skills to communicate Catholic
teaching and practice at the high school and grade school level.
In order to be effective and acceptable, assessment must be objective and accommodate the particular
heritage, traditions, and emphases of each Catholic school as it fulfills its mission. Accordingly, the
director works with collaborators whose expertise contributes to this effort. These collaborators are
knowledgeable in Catholic education and Catholic institutional culture. They provide guidance in
establishing norms for Catholic performance in academics, extracurricular activities, and spiritual
ministry in each of the schools. Assessment also implies review of materials, procedures, and practices at
Catholic institutions. This is done in compliance with the Department of Catholic Schools (DCS)
protocols and procedures for assessment and in with the assistance and advice of teachers or
administrators who are experienced and serve in the Catholic schools.

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