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Diocese of Orange, Marywood Center
Date Prepared:
Date Issued: 3/2000 Approved By: Mike Wesner
Date Revised: 2/2013 Approved By:
POSITION TITLE: Groundskeeper
FLSA STATUS: Non-exempt
REPORTS TO: Cemetery Supervisor
PRIMARY PURPOSE: Maintain cemetery facilities and assist in interment/entombments.
REQUIRED: Groundskeepers represent the Roman Catholic Church and Diocese of Orange. They are
required to conduct themselves according to the goals and mission of the Church in performing their
1. Possess and maintain a valid CA Driver’s License and current Auto Insurance;
2. Basic knowledge of landscaping, irrigation systems, and building maintenance;
3. Understanding of Safety Training and adherence to the Safety Program;
4. Maintain effective and respectful working relationships;
5. Be helpful and courteous to visitors.
1. One year of grounds keeping experience.
2. Ability to read and follow written instructions in English.
3. Bi-Lingual.
PHYSICAL REQUIREMENTS: Employee is required to stand, walk, dig, reach sit, handle and lift up
to 100 pounds. Work is performed both indoors and outdoors, under continual deadlines. Work is
sometimes performed under harsh weather conditions.
EQUIPMENT OPERATED: Tractor, mower, trimmer, blower, hand tools, and mausoleum lift; may
operate backhoe, utility shuttle, company auto, and/or truck as required by supervisors.
1. Follow all safety training rules and regulations.
2. Maintain all aspects of cemetery grounds and buildings including mowing, pruning, irrigation
systems, and light custodial work.
3. Participate in Interment Procedure assignments.
4. Repair gravesites.
5. Install memorial markers, as directed.
6. Install flower vases, as directed.
7. Assist with all aspects of interment/entombment processes under the direction of Supervisor.
8. May perform duties of funeral attendant during burial services.
9. May dri

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