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Youth Minister
St. Paul the Apostle Catholic Church, Chino Hills
Full-Time (35-40 hours per week)
The Diocese of San Bernardino is a vibrant and diverse community of Roman Catholic Believers committed to bringing the Good News
of Jesus Christ to all we encounter. We are guided by the core values of hospitality, collaboration, faith sharing and reconciliation.
Through the impact of the Gospel, we seek to fill lives with hope.
Founded in 1986, St. Paul the Apostle is a community called to be a visible sign of God's love, though the guidance of the Holy Spirit.
• Plans, advertises, implements, and evaluates Junior High/Youth Ministry programs and events, in collaboration with the Core Team,
which includes but not limited to: Creating opportunities for prayer and worship for youths; providing appropriate
programs/activities/events depending on their unique needs; providing necessary materials/information for youth concerns, advocacies,
and issues.
• Recruits and trains ministry volunteer leaders who will assist in the planning and implementation of the program
• Develops close communication with families of youths and seeks for ways to include them in the program
• Establishes affiliations with Junior High/Youth ministries and programs in other parishes/schools in and outside of the diocese, as well as
with civic organizations geared towards serving young people.
• Facilitates the smooth transition of kids/teens to teenhood/young adulthood by developing appropriate programs and creating a
welcoming environment.
• Coordinates with professionals in addressing issues confronted by youths.
• Administers and maintains Youth ministry bulletin page, webpage, and other social media accounts.
• Attends diocesan, parish, and ministry meetings and trainings, if necessary.
• Adheres to Diocesan policies and guidelines especially on Safe Environment.
• Performs other tasks pertinent to the implementation of Youth ministry programs, s

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