Contact Sinia Bustamante

Retreat Coordinator
Office of Child and Youth Protection, Pastoral Center

The Diocese of San Bernardino is a vibrant and diverse community of Roman Catholic Believers committed to bringing the Good News of Jesus
Christ to all we encounter. We are guided by the core values of hospitality, collaboration, faith sharing and reconciliation. Through the impact of
the Gospel, we seek to fill lives with hope.
The Diocesan Office of Child and Youth Protection assists victims of abuse, victims of abuse related violence, the families of victims, or anyone
affected by abuse. Our office is available for parishioners, priests, and parishes who are directly and / or indirectly affected by sexual abuse by
clergy, religious, staff, and volunteers in the Church. Our office coordinates the Diocesan commitment to protect children and young people
against sexual abuse in the Catholic Church. This includes compliance with USCCB mandates for safe environment programs and other
initiatives. We interact with diocesan offices and committees, parishes, regional, state, national, and interfaith organizations, secular agencies and
others to gather and share information that will effect meaningful change.
1. Implements the diocesan mission and core values in all functions regarding the Restoring-Me retreat program
2. Collaborates with the Office Director and Associate Director
3. Coordinates and collaborates with retreat facilitators
4. Plans and oversees the Restoring-Me retreat calendar
5. Reviews and continues the development of retreat workbooks, flyers, and brochures
6. Meets with the retreat facilitator team for direction, planning, and distribution of retreat activities
7. Helps volunteer facilitators bring out and share their God-given gifts and talents
8. Disseminates retreat program information throughout the diocese
9. Manages a retreat budget for expenses, such as food and retreat materials

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