St. Christopher Catholic Church
The Diocese of San Bernardino is a vibrant and diverse community of Roman Catholic Believers committed to bringing the
Good News of Jesus Christ to all we encounter. We are guided by the core values of hospitality, collaboration, faith sharing and
reconciliation. Through the impact of the Gospel, we seek to fill lives with hope.
Founded in 1957, St. Christopher is a community animated by the Good News of Christ and is called to grow as a reconciling
multicultural church.
• Responsible for the development, supervision and coordination of all Parish Catechetical programs
• Develop, recruit and train catechists and volunteers; teach formation classes for students, catechists and ongoing formation.
• Develop and plan curriculum which conforms to the National Catechetical Directory (NCD), Diocesan Guidelines, and meets
the needs of the parish community.
• Integrates insights from current catechetical literature into program planning.
• Develop and evaluate goals, objectives, and strategies for total program.
• Communicate and coordinate Eucharist and prayer experiences for program participants.
• Coordinate liturgical/sacramental functions within the Religious Education program.
• Articulate a vision/direction for the parish program in collaboration with Pastor/Pastoral Coordinator.
• Over sees all Faith Formation Staff.
• Maintain records and implementation of Safe Environment and Virtus programs.
• Develops and executes the Safe Environment training for children/youth/adults
• Other duties as assigned by the Pastor/Pastoral Coordinator
• Must be a Certified Catechist and/or in process of Master Catechist and/or Master Catechist.
• Minimum 3 years’ experience as a catechist.
• Bachelor’s degree in Religious Studies, Theology or Pastoral Studies.
• Familiarity of key elements of Catechism of the Catholic Church: creed, sacraments,

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