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Office Director
Office of Mission Advancement, Pastoral Center
The Diocese of San Bernardino is a vibrant and diverse community of Roman Catholic Believers committed to bringing the
Good News of Jesus Christ to all we encounter. We are guided by the core values of hospitality, collaboration, faith sharing
and reconciliation. Through the impact of the Gospel, we seek to fill lives with hope.
The vision of Mission Advancement is to provide for the future of the Church of San Bernardino in a way that helps us all
to commit to a real and lasting relationship with Jesus Christ, making God a priority in our life so that our hearts are filled
with hope!
1. Promotes the essential characteristics and fundamental values of the Catholic Church.
2. Shares a responsibility for providing personal and visible leadership for the community and faithful on issues related to
the mission and goals of the Church of San Bernardino and Riverside.
3. At the direction of the diocesan Bishop, serves as ex officio member of Diocesan Finance Council, DDF Corporate
Board and other Boards as directed.
4. Directs fundraising programs and marketing efforts that promote the Mission of the Diocese of San Bernardino to “. . .
called to impact families, neighborhoods and society with the Gospel so that people’s lives are filled with hope” in
parishes, community organizations, Catholic affiliates and service providers.
5. Seeks the advice and counsel of pastors, priests, community leaders.
6. Oversees the development and implementation of the annual budget that is submitted to the Chief Financial Officer for
7. Identifies annual and long-term fundraising goals and directs, manages and implements all fundraising activities to
achieve those goals on behalf of the Diocese of San Bernardino and the Roman Catholic Bishop.

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