Coordinator of Young Adult Ministry
Office of Religious Education


The Coordinator of Young Adult faith formation is responsible for promoting effective young adult ministry in the Archdiocese. This include coordinating, directing, organizing, leadership training, consulting, activities and networking for parish leaders.


All Archdiocesan employees represent the Roman Catholic Church and they are expected to conduct themselves according to the goals and mission of the Church in performing their work.

• Engages in, and supports a collaborative culture within and beyond the office and is responsible for the procedures implemented in the ORE.

• Represents the Archdiocese and participates in national, regional and local organizations and events to further the goals and mission of the office.

• Stays current with leading catechetical trends and development as it pertains to the ministry and is knowledgeable in guiding Church documents.

• Prepares annually and is accountable for a ministry budget and a yearly ministry plan. At times handles financial transactions.

• Collaborates in the efforts of ORE in implementing events on a diocesan and regional scale (e.g. RECongress, regional congresses, commissioning, etc.).

• Promotes a positive working relationship with his/her administrative secretary as assigned. Supervises his/her administrative secretary in relationship to assigned tasks.

• Shares responsibility for general supervision and appraisal.

• Performs related duties as required.


• Sets long and short-range goals and objectives for young adult faith formation in the Archdiocese in collaboration with the vision and direction of the Adult Faith Division of the ORE. May engage a board or committee as necessary.

• Provides leadership training, team development, networking support for parish young adult ministry leaders.

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