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Preschool Aide | Holy Trinity Preschool | El Cajon
Job Title: Preschool Aide
Hours: Part-Time/Non-Exempt
Reports to: Preschool Teacher/Preschool Director

Position Summary:

If you have a passion for working with children, are dedicated to providing the best education and care to your students, work collaboratively, and want to learn and grow, we want you to be a part of our team.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

Assist the Teacher to create and deliver lesson plans, and assist with school curriculum
Oversees outdoor activities ensuring a safe environment for the children at all times
Assist the teacher with rest time and prep work
Provides children with support and care during lunchtime and rest time
Respecting and honoring the needs of the individual children with concern for their interests, special needs, talents, and individual style and pace of learning
Considering individual children in relationship to their cultural and socioeconomic background
Able to sit on the floor, kneel or crouch down to assist children’s needs
Must be enthusiastic, patient and nurturing
Treating children with dignity and respect
Assuming an equal share of the joint housekeeping responsibilities of the staff after the children have either departed or are under the supervision of another teacher
Participating in recommended training programs, conferences, courses and other aspects of professional growth
Other duties as assigned

Requirements to Apply:

Must have completed 12 ECE units or completed a minimum of 6 ECE units and enrolled in 6 ECE units
Previous experience in a licensed preschool or early development center (preferred)
Fingerprint and CMG Background Clearance, and cleared TB test to work in a Licensed Child Care Facility
Applicant’s Character Traits:

Familiarity with the organizational structure and practices of the Roman Catholic Church
Passion to work with young children and desire to grow as an educator

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