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Outreach Educator, Emergency Preparedness – San Diego
The Outreach Educator will promote the California For All Public Outreach and Education Campaign by providing emergency preparedness training and resources to diverse and vulnerable populations in the San Diego and Imperial counties. Outreach and education partnerships will focus on Community Based Organizations with an established relationship with vulnerable populations such as the refugee, immigrant, migrant farm worker, low income and senior populations.

Receive Emergency Preparedness education and conduct community outreach workshops, to promote emergency preparedness awareness, risk reduction, and measures.

Trains, recruits and organizes CBO teams to assist in promoting mitigation maintenance in specific community populations; plans and implements team activities and projects which organize vulnerable and underserved communities.

Conducts focus groups on specific topics/needs assessment to establish and implement tailored emergency preparedness strategies.

Gather and draft client “stories” to capture the challenges and achievement of those served.

Prepares exhibits, brochures, flyers, posters and other materials for presentation to the public, community agencies, support groups and emergency management professionals; works closely with community members in promoting events and outreach activities.

Represents CCDSD and its programs at professional, community, and agency meetings and functions; participates on committees, advisory boards, task forces, etc., as appropriate.

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