Contact Rev. Luis A. Guido

Coordinator of Youth Ministry
St. Louis Church, Cathedral City
(32 Hours per Week)
The Diocese of San Bernardino is a vibrant and diverse community of Roman Catholic Believers committed to bringing the Good News of Jesus Christ to all we encounter. We are guided by the core values of hospitality, collaboration, faith sharing and reconciliation. Through the impact of the Gospel, we seek to fill lives with hope.
Founded in 1948, St. Louis is united through diversity, love, the word of God and the Eucharist.
 Recruit and train high school and junior high school youth leaders.
 Create and develop Core Group.
 Plan, organize and implement programs and events that provide a holistic approach in meeting the needs and interests of youth.
 Assist in the preparation of para-liturgical celebrations for youth.
 Reach out to all youth in the community, provide formal catechesis, and invite and enable youth to serve others.
 Develop leadership skills in youth and young adults.
 Plan, coordinate and implement weekend retreats and days of reflection.
 Act as an advocate on behalf of youth before the Church and the community.
 Develop close communication with, and solicit support from families of youth and collaborate with staff, community, civic and youth serving organizations.
 Refer youth and parents to professional assistance when needed.
 Other duties as assigned.
 Requires Pastoral/ Youth Ministry Certification. Religious Education, or a CMFP Diocesan Formation preferred.
 Must be a practicing Catholic and fully participate in sacramental life.
 Must have 2-3 years’ experience in working with youth in a parish setting or equivalent.
 Must be bilingual and bi-literate in English and Spanish.
 Must be able to communicate effectively with youth and parents.
 Must be able to work a flexible schedule and have good organization and planning skills.

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