The following comes from a July 7 email sent by Helpers of God’s Precious Infants.

There were at least a dozen yellow-shirt escorts in the lot today. We had 6 counselors, but only about 4 prayer warriors out on the sidewalk.  We saw the new abortionist for the first time, walking into the clinic about 8:30.  We were told that Robert Santella, the previous abortionist, was indeed let go. Unfortunately the aggressive guard is back, going out of her way to usher the patients into the clinic, and trying to tell the patients to tell us they don’t want to listen to us.

Business was slow for the clinic again.  Of the 10 or so women that went into the clinic, at least two had taken the abortion pill upstairs, and we tried to give them the abortion pill reversal card, but they would not take it.  Several others were there for non-abortion related services.

One of the counselors talked to a couple in their car, and they seemed to appreciate what the counselor was saying, and began to drive toward the exit.  However, they paused before leaving and drove back into the lot.  Two counselors talked to them again, while the guard kept trying to interrupt the counselors.  The woman went upstairs, and one of the counselors walked with the boyfriend up to the front door.  The boyfriend had to tell the guard, who was interrupting, that it was OK, and he was good with us talking to him.  However, he finally walked inside the clinic.

The schedule for FPA appears to be in flux.  They will be doing the abortion pill this Saturday, July 9 but no surgical abortions that day.  We encourage prayer warriors to come out this Saturday (there may not be prayer books onsite).  We will try to have some counselors in the lot.