Thanks be to God!

I had not planned to write you today, but this news requires it.

Just a few hours ago, a Trump-appointed federal judge in Texas ruled that the FDA broke the law when it approved the “abortion pill” mifepristone 23 years ago – and that all pharmacies nationwide must stop selling the pill within 7 days.

Mifepristone is responsible for more than 50% of all abortions in the U.S.

That means this ruling has the potential to save millions of lives – as long as higher courts don’t overturn it.

This is one of the most important legal cases ever for the pro-life cause – second only to the Dobbs decision that overturned Roe v. Wade.

After reading the ruling, I believe the judge’s legal reasoning is rock-solid.

It’s obvious to any impartial observer that the FDA broke the law when they approved mifepristone to cause chemical abortions.

But because of contradictory rulings from different courts, this case will likely end up before the Supreme Court. In fact, those negative rulings may be a blessing in disguise.

With five solid pro-life justices (plus Chief Justice Roberts, who is more apprehensive on abortion) – we have a good shot at winning a Supreme Court decision that will end the abortion pill’s 23-year reign of death.

But that doesn’t mean the pro-abortion side will surrender quietly.

You and I both know they’ll use every page in the book to promote abortion:

Lies. Chaos. Threats. Violence.

As good as this news is, I want to warn you to be on guard in the coming days – both physically and spiritually.

I fully expect protests all over the nation, especially directed at pro-life clinics and Catholic churches.

Because of our Church’s teaching against abortion, there may well be an increase in violent attacks against Catholic churches during Easter Masses and in the days that follow.

First and foremost, please pray for the safety of all Catholics and pro-life volunteers.

And second, please be wise.

Don’t engage with pro-abortion protesters – at your parish or anywhere else. You won’t convince them, at least not now. They’re only trying to cause trouble.

For more information on how to deal with anti-Catholic violence, I strongly suggest you read our free eBook, Burning the Churches: Anti-Catholic Violence and Government Silence.
I’m not suggesting that your parish will be targeted.

But with over 300 attacks against Catholic churches in recent years, I’m just urging you to use caution.

Anti-Catholic violence aside, you and I should celebrate this pro-life ruling today or whenever you see my message – while also remembering the millions of lives lost to the abortion pill over the last 23 years.

I promise to write soon with more thoughts.

For now, I just wanted to tell you the good news.


P.S. This historic ruling was announced just after my family and millions of other Catholics attended the Liturgy of the Lord’s Passion.

What a sweet victory for life on one of the holiest days of the liturgical year!

Original email from Brian Burch of Catholic Vote.