The following comes from a June 20 email from Life Legal Defense Foundation.

Two-year-old Israel Stinson has survived on miracles — and needs just one more thing to go on living….

The Life Legal Defense Foundation needs your help to save the life of Israel Stinson — a little boy whose “doctors” declared him brain-dead and wanted his parents to let him die!

Israel reached this desperate condition as a result of an asthma attack. Keep in mind: Israel was only two years old!

His loving parents couldn’t believe what they were hearing. Before the “doctors” delivered their death sentence, Nate Stinson and Jonee Fonseca just assumed that the doctors were trying their best to keep the stricken toddler alive.

Theirs was a rude awakening. Even though their baby had started moving in response to his parents’ voices, the hospital wanted to consign him to an early grave!

But Israel’s parents weren’t intimidated. They took immediate action to FIGHT for life of their little one — and called on the Life Legal Defense Foundation to help.

The hospital that wanted to end Israel’s life — Kaiser Permanente Roseville Medical Center — fought back with diabolic eagerness to make sure Israel died.

The legal conflict that followed was excruciating. Israel would receive a reprieve only to be targeted anew by the hospital, then his parents and Life Legal would go to bat for him again….

Then… victory! Israel was airlifted from Kaiser Roseville to a new hospital that would, after five weeks of starvation, give him treatment… and adequate nutrition!

But the child’s parents had to find an appropriate place of care under emergency circumstances….

They weren’t given a lot of choices.

The sad fact is that Israel had to be evacuated to a hospital outside the United States!

Boy Is Not Brain-Dead…!

One important result of Israel’s desperate escape from Kaiser Roseville is the diagnosis rendered by physicians at the other hospital.

Finally, Israel’s parents had a truly independent examination of their son’s condition. They had been right all along. Israel was not brain-dead!

Though he was suffering from a serious brain injury — caused by oxygen starvation during his prolonged respiratory episode — his brain was still functioning.

By any honest standard, he was still alive….

By any honest standard, he deserved the treatment he was getting — not termination according to some soulless hospital protocol!

Why Would Anyone Want to Do This to a Little Boy…?

A lot of observers are stunned by what happened to Israel Stinson. How could medical personnel try to do this to a two-year-old boy?

How could they rush to declare a little boy brain-dead — a boy who is later proved not to be brain-dead by the independent review of a pediatric neurologist?

How could they actually fight the parents in court in order to make sure that the little boy died?

One obvious answer is that “cost-saving” imperatives are descending on modern medicine like a plague of oversized locusts.

Lots of medical professionals have tossed the Hippocratic tradition aside — and lost the high ideals that dedicated their skills to the preservation of life. These people have appointed themselves to determine who is deemed worthy of life — and would rather terminate a life by mistake than expend resources on human they find unworthy to live….

The real reasons may be even more sinister….

  • Remember that the hospital that first tried to declare Israel brain-dead is also the one that failed to treat his asthma attack in a successful fashion. They may have a lot to cover up!
  • Remember also that freshly-dead toddlers have plentiful organs — just like the prenatal babies peddled like meat by Planned Parenthood.

Whatever the motive or cause, the hospital messed up on a grand scale. Israel only just escaped the incorrect diagnosis of brain-death — which very well could have claimed his life…!

When the crunch came, Israel’s parents had to relocate their beloved child in a hurry. They couldn’t find anywhere in the U.S. that would take him. So they had him flown outside the country.

At the new hospital, Israel not only received an honest and accurate diagnosis. He not only received much better nutrition than he’d been granted in his American hospital.

He also received a tracheotomy and gastrostomy — procedures that Kaiser Roseville refused to perform, procedures that would prepare him for long-term care.

The problem is… the hospital that performed these procedures is not equipped to provide little Israel’s long-term care.

Israel really needs to come home!

A facility especially designed for children with brain injuries like Israel’s has already agreed to take him…. And Israel is showing so much improvement since he left the Kaiser hospital. He is moving more each day and his blood pressure is stable. His doctors are astounded that he is doing so well after nearly being starved to death.

But the parents do not have the money to get him home — or to get him back into this country at all!

Israel’s parents are not wealthy people. They’re only rich in love.

Faced with the dreadful choice between leaving him at Kaiser Roseville to die or sacrificing funds to get him to a caring hospital, they chose escape. How can anyone with a heart think they made the wrong choice?

But now the funds that were promised to bring Israel home have not been paid.

  • Bear in mind that their insurance has abandoned them. Their insurance was Kaiser Permanente — the same outfit that falsely declared their child brain-dead.
  • Bear in mind also that Israel has to fly on a specially-equipped air ambulance, so the costs of getting Israel back — just like the costs of getting him there — are exorbitant. His parents can’t just buy him a seat on a commercial airline.
  • Bear in mind finally that Israel’s life is at stake. He’s survived so much — dismissive “doctors,” bogus diagnoses, cost-benefit analyses that couldn’t see any benefit in this little boy. It’d be a crime to fail him at this point.
  • The bottom line is that we at Life Legal need to raise $35,000.00 by the end of June in order to help Israel’s parents with this stage of his incredible journey — while attending to our many other vital pro-life commitments.

Please… could you contribute $50, $100, or even $200 toward this essential goal?

Because the need is so urgent, we are especially seeking gifts of up to $1000 from pro-lifers who can afford to consider such tremendous generosity.

But we would be truly grateful for any amount you could provide. We have long understood the value of small gifts given with great love.

Please… Israel Stinson’s continued existence is already a miracle! He has run a gauntlet that reveals the frightening state of modern medical ethics — and, out of love, his parents have run this terrifying gauntlet with him.

Won’t you please help us make sure that their many sacrifices are not in vain?

A little boy’s life hangs in the balance. Please don’t let him down!

Yours for the value of every human life,

Alexandra Snyder
Executive Director