….It may be folly to become embroiled in arguments over 15 weeks and six weeks when there is something far simpler and more disarming at hand. In 2002, Congress, with the Senate under Democrat control, passed the Born-Alive Infants’ Protection Act to protect children who survive abortion. But the serious penalties had been stripped from the act to avert a veto from President Bill Clinton when the bill was first introduced in 2000, and that omission remained later as a way of gaining passage of the bill.

In 2013, the country was shocked to learn of the abattoir run by Dr. Kermit Gosnell in Philadelphia, routinely snipping the necks of children born alive in late-term abortions. I was part of a movement to restore the civil and criminal penalties that had been stripped from that original bill.

Starting in September 2015, a new bill restoring the penalties has been voted on three times in the House, the latest in January 2023. And what it has revealed is the most radical transformation of the Democrats: All 220 Republicans voted for the bill, while all Democrats but four voted against the bill to protect children born alive. For the Democrats, the right to abortion does not even end at the point of birth — and that is the truth that the media have regarded as just too unsettling to report.

For the past nine years, the media have blacked out this story. Republicans, unified in the Senate, have never been able to get 60 votes just to bring the Born-Alive bill to the floor for a vote. And yet the bill had already been enacted at the national level, with the support of Democrats. The only question is whether a serious penalty should be attached to doctors killing babies born alive in abortion.

This modest bill makes a beginning and starts a conversation. Whether the limit is extended later, to 15 or six weeks or even earlier, will simply depend on whether people are persuaded step by step. That will take serious, contested work, yet the matter may ease as people come to see that we are simply talking about the same child in the womb, just days or weeks earlier.

The mystery is why Republican candidates will not take a prudent step back and contest the Democrats at this precise point, which exposes what is most radical and embarrassing in the position of the Democrats: the position so jarring that the corporate media have collaborated in hiding it. Andrew Jackson, at the Battle of New Orleans, supposedly said, “Boys, elevate them guns a little lower.” It’s time for the Republicans to aim where it really counts.

From Hadley Arkes in the Federalist