Black Theology and the Future of the Black American Community — Dr. Dwight Hopkins (AM)

Genesis teaches us that all people are made in the image of God, but as issues of racial justice in the news show us, we struggle as humans to treat people as such. Dr. Dwight Hopkins of the U. of Chicago Divinity School will take listeners through how black theology can speak to the black experience in the U.S. today and going forward. He will also explore our baptismal call to the prophetic witness to justice and to serving the “least of these” among us.
10:30 am, 4:30 pm Sunday, Sept. 5, Sacred Heart parish, Saratoga

The above comes from a posting from Sacred Heart parish.

According to the Wikipedia entry on Hopkins,
Hopkins has commented on, and mentioned as a source of inspiration for black liberation theology by Jeremiah Wright. Wright was lead pastor at the church attended by presidential candidate Barack Obama, and the source of some recent controversy. Hopkins attends and has spoken in defence of the Trinity United Church of Christ, often supporting Wright. Hopkins explains Wright’s use of “God damn America” was taken out of context as it was theological wordplay, using the word “damn” straight out its specific meaning in the original Hebrew: “It means a sacred condemnation by God to a wayward nation who has strayed from issues of justice, strayed from issues of peace, strayed from issues of reconciliation”. Hopkins also stated that attacks on Wright are actually attacks on the very institution of the black church: “To caricature and attack Jeremiah A. Wright Jr. is to attack the Black church in America…. Attempts to muzzle him and Trinity United Church of Christ in Chicago exemplify a bad omen for every African American preacher and every African American church in the country….”