The following comes from a real time feed on June 11 from Whispers in the Loggia.

2014 USCCB June Meeting — Day One, PM Session

Wednesday June 11, 2014

3:18 …and we’re back.

3:20 For starters, by unanimous voice vote, the US’ norms for the national church’s now 17,000-strong permanent diaconate (here as pdf) have been approved for another five years; the extension requires recognitio from Rome

3:23 In intro on religious freedom, Lori raises church’s facing “tens of millions of dollars in fines” for objections to implementing HHS contraceptive mandate. While fines would constitute $100 per day per employee since Jan. 1, the penalty hasn’t been enforced on any US church entity to date.

3:26 +Lori playing to the conference’s Left flank (and, perhaps, a good bit of the center) in plugging Dignitatis humanae — the Vatican II text on religious freedom — promising a commemoration of its 50th anniversary if his committee is given a mandate to continue.

3:29 USCCB Secretary +Sartain (Seattle) adding to a full-court press for retention of ad hoc religious freedom committee for another three years

3:32 On a side-note, correx: Helen Alvaré will be leading tomorrow morning’s presentation/discussion on “The New Evangelization and Poverty,” not the other one on “Marriage and the Economy,” which’ll be conducted by UVA Sociology Prof Brad Wilcox, director of the Nat’l Marriage Project.

3:35 USCCB approves extension of ad hoc religious freedom committee for another three years — Kurtz notes his ability as president to nominate chair and members, hinting at a reshuffle.

3:39 Introducing discussion on the future of quadrennial  Faithful Citizenship  text on elections, Kurtz notes that the 2007 text (re-published in 2011) doesn’t account for “later magisterium” of B16, nor anything of Francis.

3:41 The discussion/oversight of Faithful Citizenship process given to DiNardo, whatever happens from here, it won’t be boring….

3:43 Context: since Faithful Citizenship‘s last drafting in 2007, the active/voting composition of the USCCB has changed by over 100 new bishops/retirements. Out of a voting membership of ~275, not insignificant.

3:45 Whoa — DiNardo just referred to @bishopcoyne as “Archbishop.”

3:49 Reminder: a Harvard undergrad, SF aux. +Bob McElroy got his PhD in political science from Stanford, specializing in John Courtney Murray and Dignitatis humanae

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