The following is from the California Catholic Conference of Bishops:

Ensuring well-prepared and exceptionally qualified educators is the single most crucial strategy for providing students with an equitable and excellent education. Yet, learning in California’s classrooms is in peril by a widening shortage of professional and qualified teachers.

SB 1214 by Senator Anthony Portantino (D- La Cañada Flintridge) would provide teachers with preliminary credentials to claim a $2,500 deduction on their personal state income taxes for fees incurred toward the completion of an Induction program, a California requirement in order for teachers to move from a preliminary credential to a “clear” or permanent credential.  

Teacher Induction and mentoring programs are a major strategy to improve teacher retention among new teachers, accelerate their professional growth, and improve learning for those school children entrusted to their care. However, while California requires teachers to enroll in Induction programs, it doesn’t require districts or schools to actually provide it – or pay for it. 

This out-of-pocket cost to teachers for their Induction can be on average $2,000 and up to $5,000 annually in fees at a college or university. This is a significant hardship for new educators who often are teaching in the most challenging schools with high concentrations of students living in poverty, paid at the lowest end of salary scales, and are the most at-risk of leaving their profession within the first 5 years.

The CCC is co-sponsoring this bill along with the California Federation of Teachers and working with Senator Portantino to bring tax relief and incentives for beginning teachers.