The following comes from a recent post on the website of the Santa Rosa diocese.

The Marian Sisters of Santa Rosa had their beginnings in Spokane, Washington. Their religious community was in the midst of a reorganization and the sisters found themselves in need of new diocesan sponsorship. more Marian Sisters of Santa Rosa news

Bishop Robert Vasa of the diocese of Santa Rosa heard of their need for new diocesan sponsorship and offered his sponsorship to the Sisters in Santa Rosa.

As the numbers of the community began to increase, Bishop Vasa moved out of his home and offered its use to the Marian Sisters. The sisters moved into the bishop’s personal residence and started their ministry.

The sisters’ vision is to communicate the beauty, goodness and truth of the Catholic faith through works of joyful evangelization in our diocese. The Marian Sisters currently work in Catholic schools and parishes. They teach at Cardinal Newman High School, St. Eugene Cathedral School, and work at the diocesan Catholic school office. They teach parish faith formation classes and participate in confirmation and RCIA programs. The sisters’ religious community has grown in the diocese of Santa Rosa from two to nine members and are close to expanding to thirteen sisters. The future goal for the Marian Sisters is to continue to grow their order and establish a much stronger presence of dedicated service throughout the parishes and schools of the diocese of Santa Rosa.

They have now outgrown the bishop’s home they currently occupy and are in strong need of a larger facility to accommodate their planned expansion. The diocese of Santa Rosa is diligently searching for an existing suitable convent for the Marian Sisters.

The July 10 BBQ fundraising event is dedicated to raising significant funds to acquire a convent for the sisters. Please attend the July 10 event and offer your financial support. If you can’t attend, please donate to the convent campaign. You can do this by visiting the Marian Sisters website and giving through their donation portal.