The following comes from a March 21 story in the Santa Rosa Press Democrat.

After meeting with local pastors and Catholic school administrators this week, Santa Rosa Diocese Bishop Robert Vasa reversed his prior edict that all teachers at schools under his jurisdiction sign a controversial morals addendum by March 15 in order to keep their job, delaying the requirement for at least two years.

In a letter sent out to all faculty, staff and parents of students at schools under the Santa Rosa Diocese Thursday afternoon, Vasa said he regretted not gathering input from pastors and administrators prior to issuing the requirement for teachers to sign the addendum. The document required all teachers — including non-Catholic teachers — to say they believe that things like gay marriage, contraception and euthanasia are “modern errors.”

In the letter, Vasa said he overlooked “the devotion and dedication of many in our Catholic schools who have labored and continue to labor with great love for the welfare of the children entrusted to our schools.”

Vasa said he and local pastors decided that a longer implementation period for such an addendum would be required. He has given a reprieve to all teachers under the Santa Rosa Diocese, including those at St. Vincent schools in Petaluma, until Spring of 2015. In the meantime, Vasa said he will continue to work on the matter with pastors and principals and hopes to have a revised addendum for teachers to sign in 2015.

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