Bishop Rick Stika of Knoxville, Tennessee, on Tuesday slammed President Joe Biden for his frequent rosary flaunting, asserting the Virgin Mary does not share his support for “unrestricted abortion.”

“So sad that the President like [sic] to pull out his rosary and touts his devotion of Our Lady of Guadelupe as he forgets another title for her: ‘Our Lady of Life,’” the bishop wrote on Twitter. “He likes to brag on his Catholic background when convenient. So very dishonest!”

Stika was commenting on Biden’s virtual meeting Monday with Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, in which Biden showed the Mexican president the rosary beads he was wearing, noting that when visiting Mexico he has often “paid my respects to the Virgin of Guadalupe.”

“So how can you judge another on their commitment to the Catholic Church?” Stika wrote in a separate tweet. “Not their words do we judge but rather their actions. Mr. Biden promotes unrestricted abortion and what does he do today? Biden mentions Our Lady of Guadalupe, shows Rosary in meeting with Mexican president.”

In its coverage of the meeting between Biden and López Obrador, Reuters gushed that “the presidents of Mexico and the United States quickly found common ground in a virtual ‘meeting’ on Monday, in the form of the Virgin of Guadalupe.”

“The Mexican bishops’ conference hailed Biden’s ‘devotion’ to the Lady of Guadalupe, a Virgin Mary figure who, according to legend, appeared to an Aztec man in 1531 a decade after the Spanish conquest of Mexico,” Reuters added.

For his part, President López Obrador said Biden’s references to his Catholic faith had impressed him favorably.

“From the outset, this confession that he wears a rosary, the mention of the Virgin of Guadalupe,” López Obrador told a news conference. “I mean, he didn’t come off as a cardboard politician, rigid, but rather as a man of feeling….”

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