Bishop Rojas of San Bernardino introduced his singing to Our Lady of Guadalupe with these words:
“Dear friends, thank you for the opportunity to join you in the honoring of the Blessed Mother as Our Lady of Guadalupe on this very special feast for all of us who believe. Especially during these times that are so difficult. We need the intercession of a mother such as Our Lady of Guadalupe.”

First few lines:
Bendita seas, bendita seas por tu confianza, por la esperanza. Ave Maria, que tu mi amaba si entre no supe. Que tu me amaba, Senora mia de Guadalupe.
Bendita seas, bendita seas por esas rosas que florecieron…”

Rough translation:
Blessed may you be, blessed may you be, because of your confidence, because of the hope. Hail, Mary, I didn’t know deep down that you loved me. That you loved me, my Lady of Guadalupe. Blessed may you be, blessed may you be for those roses that flowered…”

The above comes from a December 11, 2020 posting on Facebook.