Bishop David O’Connell, the Los Angeles bishop in charge of the San Gabriel region, on April 23 took to a mountain-top in the San Jose Hills  “overlooking three counties” to hold benediction and prayer for populous Southern California during the pandemic. “I am asking the Lord for a restoration of life. … We must extend the healing power of Jesus.”

This followed an interview to Terry Barber of Virgin Most Powerful Radio on the Corona virus on April 17.

Part of his interview:

“In Ireland in the 1700s Mass was outlawed. Priests found saying Mass would be hung on the spot…. When the soldiers were coming, some men would put the vestments on to let the priest escape…. This was for almost 200 years. The Rosary in the home kept the faith alive until the 1800s when the law was changed….

“The faith came back stronger than ever for the next 150 years…”

“Very sad in Ireland now; they’ve thrown away the faith….

“In many ways here in the U.S. we have taken the gift of the Eucharist for granted. We need to learn how to renew our faith in this time of suffering….”