In news stories about the Diocese of San Diego, Kevin Eckery is sometimes referred to as “Vice Chancellor” of the diocese. Sometimes as the “diocese spokesman.”

But he has developed another reputation on Twitter.

On June 29 he tweeted: “The point of @ProjectLincoln is to get rid of #Trump AND HIS ENABLERS. It’s not ‘over the line.’ On the contrary it’s a necessary step in saving our republic and restoring sanity to the @GOP.”

In an earlier tweet, Eckery responded to a Trump ad which said “In reality they’re not after me, they’re after you.” Eckery’s answer: “That’s sweet, but no, it’s you. @ProjectLincoln @AmericaOrTrump.”

The above was emailed to California Catholic Daily from a reader on July 1. The reader prefaced her email with the following:

Was looking at our diocesan spokesman Kevin Eckery’s Twitter account yesterday. He’s a complete anti-Trumper who sides with the Lincoln Project and retweets tweets from Chelsea Clinton, Paul Begala, and other lefties. Here are a couple of his own tweets. So, apparently it’s not okay for priests to wade into politics and speak out against the Democrat party, but Mac’s spokesman can tweet any anti-Trump thing he desires. Disgusting! See