The following comes from a Jan. 14 story in the Times of San Diego by Chris Stone.

Despite voiced parishioner concerns, San Diego Bishop Robert McElroy denies that a gay subculture exists among diocesean priests or seminarians — men studying to be Roman Catholic priests.

Writing in the January issue of the diocesan newspaper The Southern Cross, McElroy says he agrees that such a subculture would be a “threat to a healthy Catholic community.”

But the former San Francisco cleric added that “I have not witnessed the presence of such a subculture in my three years as bishop of San Diego.”

McElroy’s statement, titled “Pastoral Reflections on the Listening Sessions,” is part of a report released in response to concerns raised at eight listening sessions in October and November throughout the diocese on the heels of continuing revelations about clergy sexual abuse.

In his 1,600-word response, McElroy delineated steps taken or will be taken as a result of the sessions.

Initiatives include hiring a full-time diocesan victim assistance coordinator and providing and paying for victim counseling.

Other efforts that have begun or he promised will be done involve more lay people in diocesan discussions and decision-making, hire a professional investigator to examine abuse accusations, publicize lists of clergy sex offenders and re-examine church files about clergy behavior.

San Diego priest responds

The following response comes from a Jan. 16 email sent by a priest who has spent his career in San Diego:

When I saw this, I thought of the SD priests who promote homosexuality who gather to sit together at the convocation.

I thought of the report of parishioners complaining of a trans giving communion at San Rafael in Rancho Bernardo and of a faithful Catholic man complaining of being thrown out of the pastorʻs office when the man asked about it

I thought of an associate pastorʻs comment regarding the unusual behavior of his pastor when one of his “friends” comes by and that the bishop visits there frequently

I thought of St. Thomas More parish promotion of homosexuality

I thought of parishioner frustration at the pastor of St. Peters Fallbrook referral of homosexuals to St. Thomas More gay support group

I remembered McElroy yelling at me that gays donʻt need to convert

I thought of the gloating of one of the former SD vicar foranes, now retired, when the Union Tribune published the bishopʻs wish list of homosexual inclusion

I thought of the gossip of some priests about the pecadillos of our diocesan priests with each other and with men outside the clergy as well

I thought of the gay priests at USD (most older and retired now)

I thought of the mandatory attendance of pastors with parishioners to the “welcoming ʻfamiliesʻ ” training meeting

I thought of the bishopʻs use of the word “family” regarding homosexuals with children

I thought of the recent conviction of a Eudist priest for sexual battery on a male with homosexuality being promoted in SD by the bishop, the Eudist superior, and the perpetrator priest being ordained by Oscar Maradiaga from Honduras who ordained a practicing homosexual predator as auxiliary.

Could Bishop McElroy not see the subculture because he is inside of it, not having sex, but trying to advance homosexual acceptance?

Denial of something does not negate its existence, just oneʻs own opinion, blindness, or desire to promote a new order in the world and church.