Estimates suggest that here in the United States, over 60 million children have been aborted since abortion was legalized. 

As I consider the newly signed legislation in New York, along with proposed legislation in New Mexico, Illinois, Vermont, Rhode Island, and Maine that would remove most restrictions, I cannot help but be concerned that we are losing any sense of what it means to be human. Fortunately, similar legislation in Virginia was defeated. 

While these new laws are no doubt setbacks, they are also a call to action for all of us. We need to ask ourselves, “How am I prepared to help a woman or girl faced with a difficult pregnancy?” For example, many pro-life parents, sadly, create a perceived need for abortion when they warn their daughters that if they ever get pregnant, they will be kicked out of the house or suffer some other severe treatment. While everyone can appreciate that it’s not ideal for a dependent child to get pregnant outside of marriage, it is a challenge that the human race has faced and overcome for millennia. It’s life and we must be prepared to support women in these situations, no matter what. 

I ask that you also look to yourselves as parishes. Are you ready and able to help people facing difficult pregnancies? Are you aware of local resources? Do you support them? 

We are the frontlines of the abortion debate. In my experience, a woman who has an abortion feels as if she has no choice but to terminate her unborn child’s life. As the communities surrounding each one of these women, we can help them to make the choice of life. We can also work to make men accountable for the children they father. 

This battle must be fought on multiple fronts. The legislative efforts are only one part of it. Each and every one of us must do what we can to create a society in which abortion is unthinkable and undesired. 

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