Michigan priest: [click links to watch on YouTube] “I do not know how a Catholic who has a well-formed conscience can vote  for a candidate who promises to promote and widen access to abortion, especially when there are candidates on that same ballot who are pro-life or more-pro-life than that person.”

Minnesota priest1: “There’s one party who believes that you can kill a baby up until the moment it is being born. You can dismember the baby in the womb, and that taxpayers should pay for it. And the other party finds that abhorrent.”

Father David Miller: “For his entire political career, Catholic Joe Biden has been a hypocrite. Saying one thing and doing another. He has said, ‘I’m personally Catholic. I personally believe in the Church and her teachings. I can make a profession of faith, but I can’t act on it, ’cause I’m a politician. So I have to support abortion. I have to condone evil in my actions.’ ”

Minnesota priest2: “Support for a major political candidate despite that candidate’s open and zealous support for the right to slaughter unborn children in the womb can only be justified when another issue takes immediate and compelling precedence, and frankly I know of no such issue. None!”

Father Michael O’Connor, Our Lady of the Gulf Catholic Church, Mississippi: “Because Joe Biden masquerades as a Catholic, I’m going to use his name. Joe Biden embraces teachings that are absolutely and fundamentally opposed to the priorities of our Church to protect life, to protect the sanctity and holiness of marriage. He is in some respects an embarrassment to Catholicism.”

Bishop David Ricken of Green Bay, Wisconsin: “Brothers and sisters, the insanity must stop. Bloodshed and destruction of the body and soul of  these the most innocent of human beings – innocent children in the womb and just outside the womb – that must stop. 61 million babies – their blood cries out for justice.”

The  above comes from an Oct. 29 message from CatholicVote.org.