Bishop Gerald R. Barnes of San Bernardino asked for prayers for those who were put in harm’s way by a pair of earthquakes that struck California on consecutive days in early July.

“We ask God to comfort and console them, and we also pray for the protection of all those men and women involved in the efforts of relief and recovery in these areas,” Barnes said in an undated statement posted on the diocesan website.

The church in the Diocese of San Bernardino that was hit hardest by the twin temblors was St. Madeleine Sophie Barat Mission in the unincorporated town of Trona. “The church there sustained significant damage in the earthquakes and the people of this community continue to experience displacement and uncertainty,” Barnes said.

The first quake hit July 4 with a magnitude of 6.4. A series of smaller aftershocks followed. Then, close to midnight July 5, a second quake hit with a magnitude of 7.1. No deaths were attributed to the quakes, and no serious injuries reported.

“Natural disasters frighten us and force us to consider what is the will of God in such a scenario. Let us take this moment of fear and uncertainty to draw ourselves closer to him so that we are sustained by his love and protection,” Barnes said.

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