A prominent American bishop has publicly called on President Joe Biden to repent of his support for abortion and the scandal it has caused.

Bishop Michael Burbidge of the Diocese of Arlington, which covers Northern Virginia and borders Washington, D.C., spoke candidly about President Biden in a recent episode of his podcast, Walk Humbly.

Asked by co-host Billy Atwell, chief communications officer for the diocese, about how Catholics should understand Biden’s profession of the Catholic faith on the one hand and his advocacy for abortion without limits on the other, Burbidge first expressed concern for the state of Biden’s soul.

“I find it very troubling that President Biden continues to contradict the most basic teachings of the faith he professes,” Burbidge said:

It’s a shame. It really is, both for the state, for his own soul, and also because he’s missing the opportunity to do good in his role that is unmatched, the ability he has to do good. And it’s so sad to see him not doing that. Imagine if he chose to support women in need rather than encourage wider access to abortion.

“This is causing great scandal when he announces both his faith and his pro-abortion position publicly. I pray that he will change his position, repent of the scandal and the damage that is being caused,” Burbidge added…..

Burbidge urged Biden to seek counsel in Eucharistic adoration.

“My prayer recently has been that, as busy as he is, as demanding as his job is, that the president and other elected officials would find time, because the door of our churches are open to everyone, to find time to just go in church, just sit in the presence of the Blessed Sacrament, be still, be quiet, and allow the voice of the Lord to speak to you,” he said:

We know what that voice will say. We know what that voice will say to the president, to all of us. Protect my children, love me, respect one another, uphold the Gospel of Life. And so, as we always say to Catholics, the churches of our doors are open to you to simply be in the presence of the Lord, the one alone who can transform hearts, the one alone in the Sacrament of Penance who is willing to forgive our sins, no matter how great they may be and allow us to begin anew.

For his part, Biden is known to attend Mass and receive Communion at a liberal parish in the wealthy enclave of Georgetown in Washington, DC. He has also been seen attending Mass and receiving Communion at a parish near his home in Delaware….

The above comes from a June 8 story on CatholicVote.org.