The following comes from a posting last week on Bishop Blaire’s Blog.

The day was sunny with blue skies and a cool wind blowing across the faces of thousands (maybe 20 or 30 or more – too numerous for me to estimate) in the park across the street from City Hall in downtown San Francisco. It was the 9th annual Walk for Life – West Coast. Words of greeting were read by the Papal Nuncio from Pope Benedict; testimonies of women who had suffered the devastating effects of abortion and had been spiritually healed were delivered; love was expressed by a mother who kept her child with physical defects but no defects as a human person; husband and wife spoke about coming to their faith in Christ and respect for life after two deliberate abortions and how they now enjoyed two children. This crowd understood from the heart and the conscience what was being said. Their enthusiasm and cheering gave evidence….

When the program finished I quickly moved to the front of the march so that after walking for about 15 minutes I could find a good spot to locate. I wanted to be able to greet all the folks from the Stockton diocese – 30 buses. For one hour huge crowds passed by waving their banners for life; singing hymns; praying the rosary; or just walking with a joy of conviction. What was most noticeable? The great number of young people who were participating and their enthusiasm.

Did some of the participants go over the top? Yes. Were some too political? Yes. But by and large I would say that the excessive zealots were fewer in number. I honestly think more and more Americans are becoming pro-life but the anti-life forces remain formidable because they do not see themselves as anti-life but as supporters of women’s liberty and rights. The evil of abortion rights is presented under the guise of good. But the real good is the dignity of the human person and the sacredness of human life created by God. The March for Life – West Coast was a great experience of public witness for the human being created in the image and likeness of God.

+Stephen Blaire

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