In an effort to pull Christian voters away from President Trump, Joe Biden launched a new ad campaign Thursday tailored around the former vice president’s Catholic faith and values.

The ads draw a contrast between Trump and the Democratic presidential nominee by emphasizing that the “common good values of the Biden-Harris agenda” deeply align with “the values of people of faith,” Biden’s campaign added.  

Biden seems to be doing better with religious voters than 2016 Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton. A poll published last month by Vote Common Good, a nonprofit attempting to persuade evangelicals not to vote for Trump, found that Biden is doing well with Christian voters in swing states like Florida, Michigan, North Carolina, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin. 

Biden’s new ads will air on Christian and Catholic television radio stations across 14 states – Arizona, Florida, Georgia, Iowa, Maine, Michigan, Minnesota, Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin.

The campaign is comprised of three videos. Cristina Traina, a professor of theology at Fordham University, surmised in a call Thursday the audience each of these videos is intended to target.

The first of the three ads discusses how Biden’s Catholic faith has shaped his principles. According to Traina, this ad could appeal to liberal Catholics and nonreligious voters alike. It gives the message, she said, that voters “shouldn’t be scared that Biden will be too doctrinaire or too heavily guided by conservative Catholic principles.”

The second video focuses on how Biden’s faith has carried him through dark times, like the death of his wife and daughter in 1972 and the death of his eldest son Beau in 2015. This ad is meant to appeal more to evangelicals, Traina said, because it paints Biden as having a “more individualistic and more devotional view of religion.”

The third and final ad features a testimonial from one of Biden’s fellow Catholic parishioners about how the vice president has been a steady member of her church and regularly attends Mass.

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