The National Institutes of Health on Friday reversed restrictions on federally-funded research using fetal tissue and organs of aborted babies.

The Department of Health and Human Services said in a notice to the “extramural research community” – researchers who are not at NIH facilities – that it would be removing the Trump administration’s 2019 requirement that a federal ethics advisory board review all proposals for fetal tissue research.

Tom McClusky, president of March for Life Action, called the announcement “very disappointing.”

“This type of experimental research is a gross violation of human dignity and is not where the majority of Americans want their tax dollars being spent. The government has no business creating a marketplace for aborted baby body parts,” he said.

The HHS Department in June 2019 halted new research using fetal tissue of aborted babies at NIH facilities; for federally-funded fetal tissue research outside NIH facilities, the agency required approval by federal ethics advisory boards.

Xavier Becerra, HHS Secretary, previewed the announcement on Thursday at a hearing of the House Appropriations Committee. He told members to expect an announcement on fetal tissue research on Friday.

With the new policy, the Biden administration “would force Americans to be complicit in barbaric experiments using body parts harvested from innocent children killed in abortions, with no limits of any kind,” said Marjorie Dannenfelser, president of the Susan B. Anthony List….

The above comes from an April 16 story on the site of the Catholic News Agency.

According to an April 16 story in Breitbart:

The [Becerra] announcement comes on the heels of a letter this week from abortion industry allies and Democrat lawmakers Reps. Suzan DelBene (WA), Jan Schakowsky (IL), and Mark Pocan (WI), who urged Becerra to “immediately revoke the Trump Administration’s policies restricting fetal tissue use in biomedical research.”

“Fetal tissue is an irreplaceable resource for research that has led to numerous scientific and medical advances and contributed to the development of new therapies for many devastating diseases, including COVID-19,” the pro-abortion members of Congress wrote, adding the Trump administration’s bans on taxpayer-funded research using the body parts of aborted babies “continue to threaten scientific and medical advances.”