The Biden administration is set to issue a new interpretation of Title IX that embraces transgender ideology, going even further than President Obama did. The new rule will redefine “sex” under Title IX to include “gender identity.” This is not only contrary to what Congress clearly intended, it will also harm children and violate parental rights.

Redefining the word “sex” in Title IX in the new Biden administration rule will pressure schools to mislead emotionally distressed children into thinking they can change their sex. Schools could face investigation if they do not address students who are confused about their sex with pronouns and names that correspond to the opposite sex or to the concept of being “non-binary.”

It could even mandate “gender support plans,” which challenge the truth that we are born male and female, and erroneously suggest that a doctor “assigns” a child’s sex after the child is born. Schools often develop these plans without informing parents or asking for their consent. Some schools even lie to parents about the existence of these plans. The implementation of such plans in schools from coast-to-coast is directly undermining the vital role that parents play in guiding children’s education and health care decisions.

In Virginia, Harrisonburg City Public Schools tell staff to disregard and even mislead parents when teachers and staff are treating and addressing their child as though he or she were the opposite sex. In Wisconsin, one school district implemented a “gender support plan” that deceives parents, while another school district openly defied parents’ express wishes.

In California, schools encourage children to “secretly transition” and deliberately interfere with the parent-child relationship, sometimes with devastating consequences. Abigail Martinez, a California mom, says a Los Angeles school convinced her daughter Yaeli to identify as a boy named Andrew and advocated that she be removed from her mother’s home in order to facilitate her use of cross-sex hormones. While in foster care, Yaeli tragically committed suicide….


The above comes from a May 6 story in The