Father Joseph Illo, pastor of Star of the Sea Church in San Francisco, gave a 15-minute homily on April 9, Easter Sunday.

“Mark’s Gospel today describes Easter Sunday from the perspective of the myrrh-bearing women – Mary, Mary, and Salome. Mary Magdalene ran to announce the news to the apostles. John and Peter ran back to the tomb. Running is a sign of joy.

“As weighed down as all of us are, Easter is about running, about joy….

“The most compelling evidence of the resurrection is the Shroud of Turin.

“There was brouhaha 25 years ago when carbon dating results indicated it was medieval forgery. But those results have been re-evaluated and are almost certainly false. The authenticity of the Shroud as an artifact of the 1st Century is proven beyond a reasonable doubt.

“The Shroud is exposed every ten years. I was in Rome in 2010 when it was exposed for a year, and I was able to spend a lot of time with it. They were offering all the priests in Italy transportation costs and lodging in Turin if they would hear confessions for six hours a day. So that’s what I did. I spent six hours hearing confessions in the basilica and the rest of the day I could pray with the Shroud. I remember Cardinal Burke, who was Bishop Burke at the time, offering Mass for a few of us right in front of the Shroud. He was preaching about the blood of the Sacred Heart….

“The Shroud is the most compelling artifact of the passion and death and resurrection of Our Lord. Of the passion, yes. 600 blood stains of wounds. The Shroud is anatomically correct. The molecules of enzymes indicate great stress and torture. To produce it, if one were to fake it, you would have to torture a human person.

“But it’s also the most compelling evidence of the resurrection. Because the most unexplainable fact about the Shroud is the image. How does the image adhere to the fibers of this cloth?

“The image is extremely shallow. Scientists say it must have come from tremendous amount of radiant energy.

“In the blink of an eye Christ burst the bonds of death. He stormed Hell’s stronghold. He rose from death in a glorified human body.”

(See full homily here)