For you the primary factors in evaluating a parish are the presence of an altar rail and the location of the tabernacle? Really?
jon ‘Church of the Visitation’ 2023/11/18

Our church has waaaaaaayyyyyyy too much personality worship. It’s present in every aspect of church: cults of personality develop around the pope, a bishop, a theologian, a blog author, a musician, a news commentator….
small pond ‘Bishop Strickland and the small things’2023/11/18

That’s New York? It looks like Bolivia or Brazil. What has happened there?
Bolivia ‘Photographer Jerry Bruno moved by processions’ 2023/11/18

How do you envision this conversation with Cardinal McElroy going? “Okay, you’re the boss, Your Eminence. We’ll change to the California Christian Daily.” Meanwhile, McElroy picks up the telephone to give another interview to the National Catholic Reporter.
Canon 212 §3 ‘We’ve added to California Catholic’ 2023/11/19

I wonder what Pope Francis thinks of the election result in Argentina.
Argentina election ‘George Weigel: Synod Disparages Theology’ 2023/11/19

I used to make excuses.They’ve got a deadline.They have to write something.They don’t have a lot of time to think it through.They need something that people will click on….
no excuses ‘George Weigel: Synod Disparages Theology’ 2023/11/19

Bp. Strickland caused many faithful Catholics and their spouses and children to want to move to his Diocese or just listen to him preach, because he is a Catholic leader very faithful to Christ– unlike Cupich, McElroy, Jesuit Fr. James Martin, “Tucho” and his erotic “kissing book….”
Reply to misleading ‘Bishop Strickland did the small things’ 2023/11/20

What has this poor checkout girl already suffered to make her so sad? Did her father abandon her, or her boyfriends treat her like a piece of meat, or her educators teach her that her country is evil and that there is no God?
reasons ‘Is San Francisco sadder than Vladivostok’ 2023/11/20

If she lost weight and improved her attitude and skills, she could get a better job. We are an opportunity society and an opportunity economy.
opportunity society ‘Is San Francisco sadder than Vladivostok’ 2023/11/20

When you live in California, everyone is sad. There’s nothing that differentiates the people of our state.
Everyone’s sad in Cali ‘Is San Francisco sadder than Vladivostok’ 2023/11/20

The procession was organized by the Hispanic Catholic Charismatic Center located in the Bronx, which is part of St. Anthony of Padua Catholic Church.
photo explained ‘Photographer Jerry Bruno moved by processions’ 2023/11/20

In the South, we say “Have a blessed day.”
He also said that he had made a resolution to say “Hello” to one perfect stranger every day.In the South, we say hello to everybody.. We make eye contact. We say “How you doing?” “Have a good day” or :Love your shirt” or comment on the weather.It is just superficial small talk but it’s friendly.
Southern friendliness ‘Is San Francisco sadder than Vladivostok’ 2023/11/20

A TLM at Santa Clara University?? Praise be to God. Too bad it’s only once a year and hopefully it will happen without protests.
Peggy ‘Traditional Latin Mass at Santa Clara U’ 2023/11/21

Unionized teachers must be permitted to expose children to pornography. Who are parents? What do they know? We’re the experts. Parent who speak up are dangerous extremists who should be investigated by the federal government.How else can we separate children from their families, churches, synagogues and mosques?
Ran D. Wine Gardener ‘Chino Valley moving forward’ 2023/11/21

Grab paper bags.Those who hyperventilate at any mention of the TLM are passing out around our once-Golden State. We need to teach tolerance.
Yuno Watzcomin ‘Traditional Latin Mass at Santa Clara U’ 2023/11/21

That wasn’t the first Thanksgiving. Just because they had a meal doesn’t make it the first thanksgiving. Why not refer to it as the first amphibious assault and invasion in North America? That’s what it was.
amphibious assault ‘Traditional Latin Mass at Santa Clara U’ 2023/11/21

I am never happier than when in San Francisco.
I love that city.
never happier ‘Is San Francisco sadder than Vladivostok’ 2023/11/21