We’d better stop worrying about abortion and start worrying about Islamic terrorists that have been let into this country and will attack us on the homeland.
terrorists ‘Gavin Newsom on late-term abortions’ 2023/12/03

How is Fr. Fessio the most powerful man in the American Church? He’s persona non grata in his own order, or am I mistaken?
Daniel Gallup ‘The God of creativity’ 2023/12/03

Fr Andrew M. Greeley wrote of Fr Fessio in Chicago’s Daily Southtown (27.11.94): “The most powerful man in the American Church is Father Joseph Fessio of San Francisco, a Jesuitical Newt Gingrich who, with the help of money from family and friends, has turned his Ignatius Press into a base for attacking gender-inclusive language in Catholic documents.”
Re Andrew Greeley ‘The God of creativity’ 2023/12/03

The average Catholic priest makes $65,723 as of 2023. They are also provided with benefits and a place to live– the church rectory. Bishops are paid higher salaries.. Cardinal Burke is an archbishop.. At the Vatican in Rome, there are various places for clergy to live. The Vatican has always helped clerics working for the Church in Rome, to pay for a place to live, at or near the Vatican.
Reply to no opinion ‘Willing to miss the Cardinal Burke scoop’ 2023/12/04

Newsom grew up a very spoiled, selfish loser of the “me-me-me generation.” Those people have no limits to anything, no moral conscience, no self–control, no sense of responsibility, no maturity.
Spoiled, selfish, irresponsible loser ‘Gavin Newsom on late-term abortions’ 2023/12/03

Cardinal Burke used to be a faithful Catholic cardinal.
Father James Martin has never dissented from any Church teaching that I have found.
Burke and Martin ‘Willing to miss the Cardinal Burke scoop’ 2023/12/04

I, too, have met several men “stymied by indecision.” Being indecisive is not a vocation. Nor is boyfriend or girlfriend. Vocations include marriage, Religious life, priesthood, diaconate and, as noted above consecrated virginity.
Deacon Craig Anderson ‘Father Illo pushes young men…’ 2023/12/04

I wouldn’t take seriously a middle-aged man speaking to youth while wearing a baseball cap, trying to be cool.
baseball cap ‘Steubenville grad ignites SdSU Catholics’ 2023/12/04

No one, no one, should be able to speak to college-age students unless they are wearing a black suit, white shirt and black tie; oh, and oxford wingtip shoes.
Perfect is the enemy of good ‘Steubenville grad ignites SDSU Catholics’ 2023/12/04

He is not being evicted. He is being asked to pay rent of 4000 euros a month. I paid twice that for a house 1/2 that size in California over 15 years ago.
particular moral judgements ‘Willing to miss the Cardinal Burke scoop’ 2023/12/04

Sorry-my math. It was not twice that but it was that plus 20%
particular moral judgements ‘Willing to miss the Cardinal Burke scoop’ 2023/12/04

Hardly any young single women in the pews at my parish.
young single women ‘Father Illo pushes young men…’ 2023/12/04

A message from Dean McFalls, the priest who fathered the child in 2013: Ten years down the line, it’s sobering and in many ways disheartening to read the comments about me posted between September 26th and October 3rd, 2013.
Dean McFalls ‘Prominent Stockton priest announces….’ 2023/12/06

When you’re kneeling at the rail you can’t sing the communion song.
singing while kneeling ‘Archbishop Cordileone….’ 2023/12/07