I don’t need to be welcomed. If I want to be involved, I’ll take the initiative. Otherwise, just leave me alone in the pew when I’m at Mass.
leave me alone ‘Archbishop Cordileone…’ 2023/12/08

Fr. Greeley wrote all those romance novels, didn’t he?
romance? ‘Best comments…’ 2023/12/09

This is a concern? I don’t remember toy aisles being labeled boys or girls. You just know that the barbies are for girls and the matchbox cars are for boys.
matchbox cars ‘Now this in California…’ 2023/12/09

Oh, and I had a cap gun and wore cowgirl boots and a cowgirl skirt. What would those skirts be called now? cowperson skirts??
Anne TE ‘Now this in California…’ 2023/12/09

“…telltale gay pornstar mustache?!” I’m with you on everything except that. Where did you come up with that? Real men who can grow a mustache have a mustache, and not a prissy Hitler thing.
Des Johnston ‘St. Ignatius pastor…’ 2023/12/09

If Fr. Fessio can make Hebrew fun and simple, he’s definitely the most powerful priest in the U.S.
Daniel Gallup ‘Hebrew for dummies’ 2023/12/10

Sorry, but the next pope might agree with Abp. Vigano’s views. You never know who might be the next pope.
Next pope might agree ‘Archbishop Cordileone…’ 2023/12/10

You are not sinning if you do not pray the Rosary. But it is one of the greatest gifts God has given to us.
Sin and the Rosary ‘Would Mary pray the Rosary?’ 2023/12/11

If someone that knows the truth of the faith and the historical truth made friends with him, he’d be as Catholic as they come. Sounds to me as though he’s on the launch pad. Someone needs to light the fuse.
asdf ‘Joshua at Los Angeles Valley College’ 2023/12/11

The Hari Krishnas have all vanished. They were so last millennium.
Marietta ‘Archbishop Cordileone…’ 2023/12/13

A dubious response to dubia. Do they do doobies in the Vatican?
grazing in the grass ‘Cardinal Duka of Prague gets answer…’ 2023/12/13

Any guidance on spreading ashes as a possible sin, or just a cultural faux pas?
still not okay to scatter ashes’
Mike Wilson ‘Vatican: still not okay to scatter ashes’ 2023/12/13

Can’t help thinking about that scene from “The Big Liebowski.”
Rest in Pieces ‘Vatican: still not okay to scatter ashes’ 2023/12/14