But it is okay to keep a little bit of grandma on your shelf. Thanks, Tucho.
grandma on the shelf ‘Vatican: Still not okay…’ 2023/12/15

That isn’t the reason for the Church’s teaching. As a retired Fire investigator, I’ve seen burned bodies. Rest assured, God can resurrect all bodies.
Deacon Craig Anderson ‘Vatican: Still not okay…’ 2023/12/15

A 20-foot tall statue doesn’t belong there. It will spoil the natural beauty that the organizers claim they are highlighting. A ski lift and park isn’t a religious space.
Natural beauty ‘Mt. Shasta…’ 2023/12/15

I wouldn’t know that was Mary if you did not tell me. I don’t think I have ever seen any representation show her thigh before.
thigh ‘Mt. Shasta…’ 2023/12/15

Men act as men should. Cowards watch and wish they were manly.
Men ‘U.S. pushes gay imperialism’ 2023/12/17

No vowel language among orthodox Jews.
no vowel language here ‘God wrote no vowels’ 2023/12/17

After today’s news, might as well drape a pride flag over every Catholic church in the world now.
today’s news ‘California pursues Chino Valley’ 2023/12/18

If your pastor ever announces blessings for gay couples in church — everyone must take their kids and leave.
Christ alone is our Savior ‘U.S. pushes gay imperialism’ 2023/12/18

perfect kill shot from Fr Weinandy. Does Tucho and company really think Catholics are that dumb as to accept the latest serpentine slitherings ?
drewelow ‘Fr. Weinandy….’ 2023/12/19

This specific blessing of same-sex couples is indeed a validation of their lifestyle, and will be seen as such by the recipients.
Axiom ‘Fr. Weinandy….’ 2023/12/19

I don’t enjoy virtual violence. I would never have selected that movie.
Why did Father Illo select it?
Virtual violence ‘Fr. Illo explains the male urge’ 2023/12/19

“Why did Father Illo select it?” [the movie is] ” about an American soldier who risks his life to rescue an Afghani interpreter who had saved his life. It’s an inspiring war movie…”
Daniel Gallup ‘Fr. Illo explains the male urge’ 2023/12/19

The problem is that irresponsible priests like Fr. James Martin have already begun to misuse the document to bless gay unions with wholehearted affirmation of their sinful gay relationship.
Giddyap ‘Fr. Weinandy….’ 2023/12/19

Well, Deacon Anderson, what is your decision? As a member of the clergy, are you going to announce that you will bless same-sex couples in church, too, according to the papal document?
Reply to Deacon Anderson ‘Fr. Weinandy….’ 2023/12/19

Thankfully, I know I will not be asked/directed to do so. And, to answer your question more fully, I could not in good conscience do so.
Deacon Craig Anderson ‘Fr. Weinandy….’ 2023/12/20

I am not a moral theologian. I am just an old lady in the pew with no power or expertise to reject the document. But I do have some questions….
Marietta ‘Fr. Weinandy….’ 2023/12/20

So, he’s not the big bad bully and hater that the media make him out to be?
go figure ‘Archbishop Cordileone’s vocation story’ 2023/12/20

FS will end up being a major bait and switch from the Dicastery for the Doctrine of the Faith. Those that would take it as a validation of their desire to institutionalize their relationship into the Church could be forgiven for thinking that, but they would have read their own biases into the document if they read it at all….
Anonymous Deacon ‘Fr. Weinandy….’ 2023/12/20