I am a revert and there is nothing anybody could have said to me that would have brought me back to the Church. Mary did that. God gave me the Bible and a dog-chewed copy of the Baltimore Catechism. The Holy Spirit convicted me of my sin. I came back to worship God and to be forgiven of my sins.
I would have been disgusted if someone told me to love myself.
Convicted of sin 2023/09/30

Not everything has to be about the Lord all the time. If all I did was talk about the Lord, I’d have no friends and probably no job.
comedians sin? 2023/09/30

The priest in the picture reminded me of a parish mission we had where the visiting priest was a friend of the pastors. He said things that really upset people, then begged us not to call the Bishop.
Father sat there 2023/10/01

Bonta is a red diaper baby. His parents were communists masquerading as Christian missionaries, i.e., faith-based organizers.
Hymie 2023/10/02

Gavin is simply a jackal who is willing to do anything to promote himself into power and more power. He’s obviously done this to win the acclaim of Marxists in the Democratic Party who are whining about losing their rights to kill humans.
Fr. John Higgins 2023/10/03

The pope is ambiguous. He will not answer you straightforwardly. That is why the Cardinals are asking for a “Yes” or a “No” to their questions. Ambiguity leads nowhere. Ambiguity is not fair.
Reply to busy schedule 2023/10/04

Caring for our earth is not pagan, it is about as Catholic as possible. The Bible tells us to care for our earth. St. Francis taught us to pray to Sister Earth, our mother. Read the Canticle to Creation.
Bob One 2023/10/04

No mention of God or Jesus in the article. Rojas came close with the “One who created you”. He seems to promote Nature over God.
Peggy 2023/10/04

Speaking truth to abortion minded women is an act of love for one’s neighbor. Patrick Madrid spoke with charity and clarity, showing us all what a pro life response looks like.
Life Saver 2023/10/04

Why did Rojas have to go there? Because he knows the Pope’s #1 West Coast secret agent Cardinal McIlroy is right down the road and listening to every word he says. (Rojas is likely the next AB of Los Angeles.)
El Padre 2023/10/04

I’ve met Mrs. Merritt, a Catholic mother and grandmother. She is a good woman, who has done good things. Let’s be honest, if this were not about abortion, she would’ve received a “slap on the wrist,” not a multi-million dollar penalty designed to ruin her life and that of her family.
Deacon Craig Anderson 2023/10/04

I’m grateful that the season of creation is over. Now I won’t have to be subjected to sanctimonious announcements and bulletin blurbs about growing my own vegetables, walking instead of driving, and reducing my use of plastic until September of next year.
bulletin blurbs 2023/10/05

Almost any gay who doesn’t feel welcome in Catholic churches owes it to himself. No Catholic parish I’ve ever been in has done anything to exclude gays. Nobody even knows who’s gay nor cares.
alleged exclusion 2023/10/05