As an alcoholic in recovery (36 years sober) I know that there are sins that exclude us from Communion with the Church. The problem isn’t the Church’s teaching, it’s the “self will run riot” that excludes us when we choose our problem over the solution. I know of two gay folks who come to Mass in our parish. There are probably more, but that’s none of my business unless they are sinning and letting people know that they support sin. Most people in the parish know I am a recovering alcoholic but also know I am not receiving Holy Communion drunk or even with one drink.
Fr. John Higgins 2023/10/06

I too know some good Jesuits. When they are good, they tend to be great.
Dan 2023/10/06

Dylan Mulvaney is an attention-seeking whore. There is a video of him when he was a contestant on the Price is Right show. He was obviously playing gay to the camera.
narcissist 2023/10/06

The author of that book is George Weigel. In his introduction, there is a letter that Mankowski wrote to a young person inquiring about joining the Jesuits in 2004. That is where that quote comes from.
Mankowski letter 2023/10/07

Gays are welcome in the Catholic Church, as you said.
If you feel insecure, just keep going, pray the prayers and if you are baptized, have had your first Communion and are in a state of grace, go to Communion.
welcome 2023/10/07

I lived in the Diocese of San Bernardino for 17-1/2 years. The chancellery was totally closed minded about starting Courage/EnCourage or Eden Invitation in any of the parishes. One time the MFGLC group showed up at our parish, and I took the time to try to promote these faithful Apostolates to them. You could hear a pin drop with their silence.
JS 2023/10/07

Bishop O’Dowd is in Oakland, where it isn’t safe to walk around and businesses have to have generators to provide electricity when PG&E cuts the power. Want to see what “social justice” gets you? Visit Oakland.
Visit Oakland 2023/10/08

This isn’t about crime. And, the penalty is clearly disproportionate. Can you name one CBS or other reporter ever fined for an undercover story? 60 Minutes and Dateline NBC correspondents and Gloria Steinem were praised for their undercover work. Steinem exposed exploitative working conditions in New York’s Playboy Club. She applied for a position at the club under an assumed name, got the job, and spent 11 days as a Playboy Bunny. Her article made her a celebrity and she faced no adverse financial consequences. This is about the abortion industry, not crime. Sandra Merritt and David Daleiden were simply courageous enough to reveal some of the abortion giant’s dirty secrets.
Deacon Craig Anderson 2023/10/09

“Public Health Director Barbara Ferrer” Health? I’ve seen healthier looking cadavers!
Frank N. Stein 2023/10/10

Consider having blood storage on site.
Ambulances do not carry blood.
Children can bleed out in minutes.
blood storage 2023/10/11

Chapp was doing just fine till he blows it invoking Dorothy Day.
Hymie 2023/10/11

How about stopping Hamas and other terrorists at the southern border of the diocese?
Sam Diego 2023/10/11 at 8:07 pm

I’m in favor of banning almost all OCP and GIA music from Mass.
OCP-GIA 2023/10/11 at 9:43 pm

God bless the Ordinariate, and all its faithful. They are one of the greatest legacies of the Pontificate of Benedict XVI. St. John Henry Newman, ora pro nobis. Pope Adrian IV (Nicholas Breakspear), ora pro nobis.
Pope Adrian IV 2023/10/12

Just this week, border patrol has apprehended two young males from Lebanon trying to enter the US in Texas, and one Egyptian male. Confirmed reports of Syrians attempting to enter as well. Those are the few who were caught. Many more entered undetected.
Jihad in America 2023/10/13