Years and years ago, I quietly asked her pastor, when I was able to speak with him alone, why he always so highly praised Nancy and Paul Pelosi, from the pulpit at Mass, whenever they would come to Mass. And the Pastor also would invite her to give a talk to the kids at the parish school. The Pastor did the same thing, if then-Mayor Gavin Newsom came to Mass…. He always sternly reprimanded me, telling me that Nancy and Gavin had a right to their personal freedons, in Vatican II, and that I must “respect their opinions.”
Reply to 1917 Canon Law 2023/10/28

The Red Mass homilist, Jesuit Father Edward Siebert, Rector of the LMU Jesuit community, ought to apply the words of Jesus in St. Luke 12:48 to his Jesuit community and to LMU — an irresponsible, abysmal failure, before Almighty God.
Jesuit hypocrisy 2023/10/28

I suspect if a homilist got up and played the role of John the Baptist and called the abortion advocates a brood of vipers, that this Red Mass would be the final one.
Dan 2023/10/28

Jimmy Martin has to be depressed that the term LGBT+ didn’t get included in the final report. That’s what he went there to accomplish. Fail. Thank God he failed.
Martin fail 2023/10/28

With apologies to Southpark, we should not preach the Panderdom of God nor should we become the PanderChurch, but it seems we are at risk of becoming that.
apologies to Southpark 2023/10/29

If you’re still a Democrat, it’s either because you’re rich enough that you’re not impacted by foolish Democrat policies, or you get welfare assistance from Democrat programs. No reasonable, hardworking, sane American adult would be a Democrat.
hardworking American 2023/10/29

Good for Calvary Chino! Think what an impact Catholics could have if the Bishops would shepherd politically for virtuous policies.
Jeff 2023/10/30

There are about 17,000 parishes in the U.S. If 100 priests goof up the mass, that doesn’t make the other 16,900 bad places to worship . Let’s not assume that all parishes have un-reverent masses. Nor should we assume that all TLM masses are totally reverent.
Bob One 2023/10/30

You don’t think Rev. Radcliffe is an extremist?
In the 2013 Anglican Pilling Report, Radcliffe wrote that when considering same-sex relationships, “we cannot begin with the question of whether it is permitted or forbidden! We must ask what it means and how far it is Eucharistic. Certainly it can be generous, vulnerable, tender, mutual and nonviolent. So in many ways, I think it can be expressive of Christ’s self-gift.”
Curious 2023/10/30

“What was meant to be a celebration of love and inclusion turned into the opposite” when police arrested a “Sister” of Perpetual Indulgence for exposing himself to children at a northern California beach.
Sara Kastik 2023/10/31

Every single father in that picture is an emasculated, feminized, girly-man, and their children will grow up to have issues because their fathers weren’t masculine. A man would flat-out refuse to allow his child to attend such an event. Every mother in that picture is a left-wing nutjob, especially the one with the blue hair, which is always a dead giveaway.
Those children are being sacrificed to Molech.
Molech 2023/10/31

They all should be stopped. This isn’t Tootsie or Mrs. Doubtfire. This isn’t for comedy where everyone gets the joke that men are pretending to be women and have a good laugh over the incongruity of a man in women’s clothes. This is men seriously trying to be women, which is a perversion, and — what’s worse — it’s teaching kids that this is something admirable.
November 1 is all saints day. I guarantee you that there are no drag queen or transgender saints. If any of them made it to purgatory, they will be cleansed of those drag and trans impurities and defilements to be the men or women God made them to be. St. Peter is very thorough at vetting who gets through the pearly gates, and drag queens or men who have chopped off their junk don’t make it.
St. Peter is thorough 2023/10/31

The Tridentine Mass is the foundational Mass of the Church for Millennia. Parishes that recognize this fact are continuing to grow with new, young, vibrant families with many children. For example, at St. Joseph in Tacoma, WA, before COVID, there were two Sunday masses, always full. Post COVID, there are now five masses to accommodate the growth
Tim 2023/11/01

The Texas Rangers won the World Series. The Rangers are the only MLB team that didn’t host a gay pride night. Ya think there’s a connection?
Texas Rangers blessed 2023/11/01

Yet another sad example of why Communion in the hand is a BAD practice. Glad all parties appear that they will be ok and that nothing worse happened – but what ever happened to the consecrated host – the Body, Blood, Soul, and Divinity of Jesus Christ ?
J 2023/11/02.

Stand strong, as a faithful Christian, Speaker Johnson. You are in our prayers. May you be God’s blessing to our poor, suffering, sinful nation….
Prayers for Speaker Johnson 2023/11/02

Why would a man in drag choose the name “Pickle.” Oh… I get it now.
the name Pickle 2023/11/02