Well said, comrade! We need reeducation camps with loud speakers blaring On Eagle’s Wings 24/7! Bugnini santo subito!
bedwere 2023/10/20 at 5:07 pm

The only group I see “dying off” are the “progressive” clergy and pant-suited nuns who are mentally stuck in 1968 and just can’t grasp that they’re increasingly irrelevant and anachronistic. The resurgence of Tradition is wholly driven by the young and the fertile.
young and fertile 2023/10/20

I don’t attend the TLM, but look at the numbers of young people attending. You and I will die first.
Curious 2023/10/20

Tucho no me gusto
Tucho 2023/10/20

I’m starting a petition to the Oxford Dictionary to have the late, great Fr. Carroll become a verb for donating an automobile: “It was time for me to buy a minivan for my expanding family, so I took my aging sports car to Martha’s Village and I father joe’d it.”
Indio 2023/10/21

Just don’t “Cardinal McCarrick” anything.
Just don’t 2023/10/21

Nothing L or M about LMU.
Nott 2023/10/21

If Sr. Grammick and Whoopi Goldberg end up in heaven, there’s nothing anyone can do to end up in hell.
Hell-Heaven 2023/10/21

This is another example of rich, privileged, white colonization of indigenous peoples. The natives had a church and community center that was serving them and their needs. Now whites come and change the church to suit their preferred way of ritualizing.
Whites came 2023/10/22

I was in a church when they were praying the divine mercy chaplet. They added all kinds of prayers to it. Litany of sorrow, reparation for this and for that, words words and words, then repeat the words again and add more words. They even added “co-redemptrix of the world” to the Hail Mary, which I don’t think you’re allowed to do.
lots of words 2023/10/23

Almost a century ago, Fr. John Crowley (for whom Crowley Lake is named) celebrated Mass at the summit of Mt. Whitney. There’s a good photo in his biography. If it was OK then…
Greg the Geologist 2023/10/23

Mass is wonderful in the open. Priests have celebrated Mass for 2,000 years in the open. I’ve done it on numerous occasions. The first Priest celebrated Mass in a common “Upper Room” as there was no Church, Basilica or Cathedral available.
Fr. John Higgins 2023/10/24

people bent outta shape
over TLM Mass can go down
the street to the Pala Casino.

Ya might hit the jackpot.
Ace Wilde 2023/10/25

To identify the PP director with this description “female PP director arrived ~ 8:00 in her red Prius” you are possibly inviting violence against her and subject to a privacy invasion lawsuit
Charlie D. 2023/10/25

These Germans must be living in their own fantasy. I’d quicker take Martin Luther over these freaks.
Luther a better shout 2023/10/25

I’ll pull a jon here and point out the technicality that Father Rupnik has never been convicted of any civil nor canonical crime pertaining to sexual abuse. Therefore you must not criticize his pastoral assignment as a parish priest.
Mercy 2023/10/26

Brown was a liberal, and was also a Biblical scholar invited as a peritus to Vatican II– he was a liberal, and questioned Catholic teaching. I recall Abp. Cordileone saying that the Sulpicians had become too liberal, and he no longer wanted them at the seminary.
About Raymond Brown 2023/10/26