Catholic Charities’ “compassionate and coordinated response” facilitates terrorists, drug cartel members, and child sex traffickers to illegally enter this country. I don’t see anything compassionate about that.
Joan of El Cajon 2023/10/13

May I ask Fr. Higgins if he is allowed to substitue grape juice for Communion wine? By the way, well done in your 36-years of sobriety.
Axiom 2023/10/14

The disrespectful tone of the comments on this page are appalling. Please remember this is a catholic website.THe President is our president. He is not “My Biden”, and Trump was twice impeached, 4 times indicted, and his company was already convicted.
Your Fellow Catholic 2023/10/14

Unless there is a plenary indulgence attached, I an not wearing heels. I prefer my feet the way their Creator designed them, flat on the ground.
SouthCoast 2023/10/14

If I may say: looking at the archives, in actuality “many” of the commenters who were active then when I started commenting here (over 10 years ago) are no longer active now.
jon 2023/10/15

YFC– people who are rebellious to the True Catholic Faith, leave parishes like Fr. Illo’s. And people seeking the true Catholic Faith flock to his parish. There are lots of misguided, rebellious feminists, who have fought with Fr. Illo. For one thing – he does not allow “altar girls.”
Reply to YFC 2023/10/15

I would like to suggest that one of these priests, like Father Humphrey, think about re-writing “A Map of Life” by Frank Sheed. His introduction and first chapter deal with the issue that Father Humphrey speaks of here.
Frank Sheed 2023/10/16

Like many today, this mindless girl has no religious and moral training. Waste of time. How did she even graduate from junior high or middle school? Why not instead, interview a mature, educated Catholic student, with a good mind – who is a future leader in his or her field?
Waste of time 2023/10/16

She could have just answered “Whatever bro…” to all of the questions and made just as much sense.
Fr. John Higgins 2023/10/17

We’ve been able to confirm that the demon idol Cindy McCain gave to Pope Francis is most likely the ogre-woman called Soyoko Mana, not the priest killer. Soyoko Mana carries a knife and a crook to catch children, whom she eats.
not priest killer, but… 2023/10/17

The Catholic Church teaches that each human soul is distinct. People are not reincarnated. Each soul is made by God.
Each soul is distinct 2023/10/18

The Pope and the Vatican has said no to the blessing of gay unions and the dubia Cardinals know it.
what Pope said 2023/10/18

Hey Jon, your pope-splaining doesn’t make it any better. The man is prepping the Church to accept something which is unacceptable; best not to ignore it.
Fallibility Happening 2023/10/18

She could have given him more appropriate and lovely items handcrafted by Native Americans – turquiose belts, rings from other native gems, hand woven blankets and baskets, a carved native animal and books about Arizona culture or even a native food item.
Anne TE 2023/10/18

It’s a worrisome time in the church. The 60s liberal Boomer theologians and bishops are making their last attempt to change church teaching.
Boomers’ last attempt 2023/10/19