Pickle is not trans.
not trans ‘Protestors stop drag queen…’ 2023/11/03

It is a man in a costume. If it freaks you out, don’t go. It is hard to believe that it is a sin to sing and dance and do comedy dressed as the opposite sex.
hard to believe ‘Protestors stop drag queen…’ 2023/11/03

If they can do this to a drag queen, then they can do this to you.
you are next ‘Protestors stop drag queen…’ 2023/11/03

Um, I’m not a twisted pervert like Pickle is.
twisted pervert ‘Protestors stop drag queen…’ 2023/11/03

Soon any church not performing same-sex union blessings will be a church worth driving to.
First quarter ‘Churches worth driving to: St. Ephrem’ 2023/11/03

This is a sui juris (self-governing, from the Latin term meaning “in one’s own right”) Catholic Church. It is not subject to the Latin Church’s Code of Canon Law or liturgical regulations. There will not be “blessings” of gay “couples.” It seems those who desire such could more easily join the Episcopalians, Lutherans or others who’ve abandoned the apostolic faith.
Sue Yuris ‘Churches worth driving to: St. Ephrem’ 2023/11/03

I’ve heard several good things about this school, including about some excellent faculty and staff members. So many Catholic high schools, like MItty, Presentation, Bellarmine and others, have abandoned Catholic faith and morality.
anonymous in San Jose ‘JSerra now at 1500 students’ 2023/11/04

What about Serra High School in San Mateo? It’s just off the El Camino Real, so Fr. Serra probably walked there too when traveling to and from Mission Dolores in San Francisco.
There’s also a St. John Paul II High School in Denver, which is where Pope John Paul II went for Youth Day in 1993, so he walked near that campus. And JPII is not only a saint but also was a pope. So that has JSerra beat.

Then there’s Elizabth Ann Seton High School in Maryland, near where Elizabeth Ann Seton lived and founded her religious community.

JSerra’s claim that it’s the only Catholic high school to be located where its saint namesake walked is false.
other saintly high schools ‘JSerra now at 1500 students’ 2023/11/04

This is where the serious Catholics go to high school. East along the parkway, Santa Margarita Catholic High School is the inferior option.
serious Catholics ‘JSerra now at 1500 students’ 2023/11/04

I do not care for Jesuit Fr. Karl Rahner’s “Anonymous Christian” concept, which I read about, long ago. He and his fellow, highly-acclaimed 20th century theologians, Henri de Lubac (a French Jesuit cardinal), Yves Congar (a French Dominican friar), and Hans Urs von Balthasar ( a Swiss ex-Jesuit priest who died a few days before Pope St. John Paul II was to make him a Cardinal) had very modern ecumenical ideas….
Great 20th century theologians ‘Larry Chapp: It’s the connotations’ 2023/11/05

Everyone who reads this website must buy and read Larry Chapp’s book “Confession of a Catholic Worker,” which was published this year. Professor Chapp explains why the Church is failing to evangelize….
Read the book ‘Larry Chapp: It’s the connotations’ 2023/11/05

We could make Chapp the Pope and see how he does things.
Larry Chapp for Pope ‘Larry Chapp: It’s the connotations’ 2023/11/05

Yeah, attendance is still down from five years ago, and there are hardly any people between the ages of 18 and 40 attending Mass.
still down ‘More Mass-goers in high and low desert’ 2023/11/06

This proves that Pope Francis the Great’s synodal vision for the church is a success. A new springtime is emerging after the dark, cold winter under JPII and BXVI. It’s like the grip of Mordor has been loosened over Middle Earth, and all is well once again.
new springtime ‘Tammy Peterson to enter the Church next Easter’ 2023/11/06

Well, a history of drugs and guns and you don’t get prosecuted much. Maybe this guy could hire Hunter Biden as a consultant. Young Biden went to a Catholic high school and a Jesuit university. Maybe he could use some Jesuitical jiu-jitsu and get this guy a White House or Vatican appointment.
Andy Como ‘Man leaves without consuming Host’ 2023/11/06

To new springtime and giants – It does not matter who is pope. Tammy Peterson was originally wary of joining the Catholic Church, due to the tremendous problems in our Church, today. She also considered joining the Orthodox Church. Tammy Peterson’s conversion is very personal, it is of God– of Christ and His Most Blessed Mother, who granted her a miracle of healing of cancer, through praying a Rosary Novena….
Blessed Mother’s convert ‘Tammy Peterson to enter the Church next Easter’ 2023/11/07

Californians were stupid to approve this.
Stupid ‘California agency to kickstart stem cell companies’ 2023/11/07 at 7:52 pm

All priests, young and old, should be enthusiastic about wearing a cassock. It is a humble garment symbolic of the priestly character. The black color symbolizes the poverty of Christ as He walked the Earth….
cassocks ‘Reply to Cardinal Pierre’ 2023/11/08

I’ve never heard of Norbertine cheese. What does it taste like? How does it compare with Gouda, Swiss, cheddar, Colby, mozzarella, provolone, Parmesan, ricotta, Romano, Velveeta, Jack, Monterey, and three-cheese Mexican blend?
taste? ‘Olive oil, holy honey support Dominican nuns’ 2023/11/08

Stands to reason. Why would anyone enter the priesthood (or religious life) for the same values and ideologies that are just laying all over the ground everywhere else?…
asdf ‘What happened to young, liberal priests?’ 2023/11/09