RCIA (now OCIA) is a total joke in the Catholic Church. Clown time. Your example takes the cake. Half of RCIA “conversions” are insincere. One year after baptism, they aren’t coming to Mass.
One year after Baptism ‘Dear Rome, what sins should be repented?’ 2023/11/12

They always show pics of the rainbow crowd smiling, but inside they are not happy.
smiling rainbow crowd ‘Dear Rome, what sins should be repented?’ 2023/11/12

A nice change from the anti-Semitic marches of late.
Bringing Him to Campus ‘Eucharistic processions….’ 2023/11/13

The problem with Transexualism is that is based on the lie that we are not sexual people. We are. God created us men and women.
We are sexual people ‘Dear Rome, what sins should be repented?’ 2023/11/13

What’s your axe to grind with LifeTeen? They promote Adoration and their catechetical materials are solidly Catholic.
not all youth ministry is the same ‘Eucharistic processions….’ 2023/11/13

Do they teach how to repair freeway overpasses damaged by a raging inferno? That skill set is needed in Los Angeles right now.
freeway repairs ‘Santiago Trade School….’ 2023/11/13

In 2009, I was thrilled when Bishop Olmsted ousted the liberal, LGBT-friendly Dominican Order from ASU campus ministry— this situation needed to happen, for decades.
Wonderful Eucharistic Processions! ‘Eucharistic processions….’ 2023/11/13

What if the new bishop of Tyler is Bishop James Martin, S.J.? I think that would matter to the seminarians.
What if James Martin? ‘Bishop Strickland did the small thiings’ 2023/11/13

I do see if a seminarian feels that they could not promise obedience to that new bishop, it might be something he should pray over.
promise of obedience ‘Bishop Strickland did the small thiings’ 2023/11/14

I cannot even imagine being Jewish at Franciscan.
They will have to drive 30 minutes to get to a synagogue.
30-minute drive ‘Franciscan U expedites transfers for Jewish students’ 2023/11/14

Yes, our “brother” governor is endangering pharmacists. But, at least he’s protecting the Communist Chinese dictator and got rid of the homeless for the occasion of a meeting in San Francisco with our other “brother” Joe.
Potemkin villager ‘Gavin Newsom puts pharmacists in danger’ 2023/11/14

I don’t know who you know. (How many graduates do you know, who make up “everyone?”) My wife and I and our three adult children (and two of their spouses) who are Franciscan alumni all have had jobs we could not have gotten without that education.
Deacon Craig Anderson ‘Franciscan U expedites transfers for Jewish students’ 2023/11/15

I laughed until I was sick recently, when Jesuit Fr. James Martin exclaimed publicly, that he wished he could “canonize” Sr. Jeannie Grammick. She recently had a big meeting with the Pope, and received the Pope’s praise and honor for her “wonderful work” with New Ways Ministry. She noted that she was deeply inspired by Fr. Paul Shanley– a notorious, horrific serial clerical child rapist– to become an activist, to help the “poor, downtrodden LGBTs.” She said that Shanley, who “gave her the inspiration for her ministry,” was her “best friend,” at that time.
Reply to Hell ‘Bishop Strickland did the smallest things’ 2023/11/15

If I had $1 for every sex/gender out there, I’d have $2 and a whole bunch of counterfeits.
counterfeits ‘Dear Rome, what sins should be repented?’ 2023/11/15

He once substituted for me, teaching a Sunday morning catechism class for 5th graders. In your charity, pray for his vocation.
Pray for Vocations ‘Cosmetics mogul Scott-Vincent Borba’ 2023/11/16

Re: Sister Grammick and Fr. Paul Shanley-this is not a defense but a reminder. Narcissistic abusers groom their character witnesses and flying monkeys as thoroughly as they groom their victims.
flying monkeys ‘Bishop Strickland did the smallest things’ 2023/11/16