Even Belgium and France had a lot of baptisms this year. Thank you Lord for hearing out prayers.
even France ‘More adult baptisms in L.A.’ 2024/05/08

Idaho had around 1000 this year
asdf ‘More adult baptisms in L.A.’ 2024/05/08

What if we just waited to see which mothers experience postpartum depression and then only kill the babies born to those mothers, to prevent their suffering?
Think first ‘Andrea at Chaffey College fears Postpartum depression’ 2024/05/09

If I see one more. “I FEEL..” ima gonna scream
thatdirtylittleratnunnheim ‘Andrea at Chaffey College fears Postpartum depression’ 2024/05/09

Not every story is about the TLM.
People hyperventilate on both sides of the issue.
your obsession is showing ‘Kathleen Parker brings up Biden’s fakery in Washington Post’ 2024/05/09

When I was in a ministry for returning Catholics, most of the reasons they left were small and personal.
They all said the same thing: nobody ever missed me.
no one missed them ‘More adult baptisms in L.A.’ 2024/05/10

I tattooed the Eucharist in a monstrance on my arm. Everyone who sees it knows I have a close connection to Jesus and the Eucharist.
my tattoo ‘Blessed Carlo Acutis relic…’ 2024/05/10

Sirach (or Ecclesiasticus)
1 Maccabees.
2 Maccabees.
Additions to Esther: Fulfillment of Mordecai’s Dream (Esther 10:4–13)
These are the books missing from the Trump Bible according to Internet sources.
Trump Bible omissions ‘Who is speaking in the Psalms?’ 2024/05/11

Churches worth driving to? Yes, if you like two day drives going to and coming from. Are there not enough churches in California worth driving to?
Xavier ‘Churches worth driving to, Assumption Parish, Denver’ 2024/05/11

While the gay mind virus is a serious danger these days, I’m not sure the scarf is meant to be that. This was a photo from 2013 in Zambia, where homosexual activity is illegal.
Martin Ssempa Fan 2001 ‘Helena Kmieć’s killer did not make her a martyr’ 2024/05/11

The barbaric progression is so poetically logical…The mainstream narcissism that has developed in the West really knows no boundary.
asdf “California IVF customers want girls’ 2024/05/13

the ones not born…for the boys that will be adults, they’ll be in high demand when all these girls are looking for men.
asdf “California IVF customers want girls’ 2024/05/13

Just wait until they declare themselves transgender boys and ask mommy and daddy to cut off their breasts. Oh, wait. They don’t have to ask mom and dad for permission.
permission “California IVF customers want girls’ 2024/05/13

I don’t know which is worse, Biden/Newsom using the Catholic Church when it suits them all the while mocking the Truths of the Faith or the Church allowing them to do it.
asdf ‘Newsom in Vatican this week’ 2024/05/13

Was Hitler invited to speak at the Vatican on the autobahn, Volkswagen and German pharmaceutical companies?
As long as he didn’t talk about exterminating Jews (and others) and starting a world war, why not?
Curious ‘Newsom in Vatican this week’ 2024/05/13

Masculinity is not toxic. Nor is femininity. This shouldn’t even need to be stated.
Deacon Craig Anderson “California IVF customers want girls’ 2024/05/13

I prefer boys.So much so that they named a terminal at an international airport after me and President Obama awarded me the Presidential Medal of Freedom. So there boys.Abort the girls. Who needs them?
HB Milk “California IVF customers want girls’ 2024/05/13

There should be a NASCAR referee in the Church parking lot shortly before it is time for Mass to end.
off to the races ‘More adult baptisms in L.A.’ 2024/05/14

Newsom appeals to this Catholic about as much as does a bowl of slug soup. (Is that on the menu at French Laundry?)
South Coast ‘Newsom in Vatican this week’ 2024/05/13