Adam and Eve and humanity since have been buying it! Don’t knock it. Have you tried snake oil? It’s an easy sell.
Sir Pent ‘Newsom’s offer to AZ abortionists’ 2024/05/29

Efforts like this will have almost no effect on the disaffiliated. What bishops and pastors need to do is improve dramatically the quality of Sunday Mass celebrations, principally with better, more appropriate, music and better homilies. Get rid of the OCP “Breaking Bread” music that I hear almost everywhere in the Diocese of Orange and in the Archdiocese of Los Angeles.
Sunday Mass ‘Jesus Thirsts movie…’ 2024/05/29

If your priest or bishop doesn’t speak out against pride month this June, it’s time to look elsewhere….
church of nice ‘June 2 – Ex-gay Visibility Day’ 2024/05/30

No, unfortunately, we don’t control California Catholic Daily. It’s run by Catholics who believe all that pre-Vatican II stuff like God, the Eucharist, morality and such….
Fake Catholics for Newsom 2024 ‘Newsom’s offer to AZ abortionists’ 2024/05/30

On the other hand, the Green Wall, that section of beach at Will Rogers at issue, has been favored spot of, shall we say, more “creative, sensitive & flamboyant” beachgoers since at least the 1960’s.
Loveguard ‘Pacific Palisades lifeguard forced to fly Pride flag’ 2024/06/01

The lifeguard grapevine is abuzz with the rumor that Capt. Little has been re-assigned to Sunova Beach.
LA County Bored of Supervisors ‘Pacific Palisades lifeguard forced to fly Pride flag’ 2024/06/01

So far three days and I haven’t seen a pride flag in the wild yet.
in the wild ‘Pacific Palisades lifeguard forced to fly Pride flag’ 2024/06/04