The Catholic Church is the original DEI. It is God’s Will.
the original DEI ‘Archbishop Cordileone: Harrison Butker’s call…’ 2024/05/22

St. John Paul II’s visit to San Francisco. walking through the streets laced that city with healing graces that caused audible howling from darkness as he passed near the Tenderloin area.
Drewelow ‘4000 Eucharistic pilgrims cross the Golgen Gate Bridge’ 2024/05/22

Neither Chris Ward nor Thom can be a mother. And, Ward wants to take away parental rights, including have public schools lie to parents at taxpayers’ expense. Does this cover children who identify as animals as well?
kids deserve a mom & a dad ‘Calif. Dems plan law…’ 2024/05/23

100 comments on an article that isn’t about anything gay or trans or the TLM. This kicker definitely struck a nerve.
XY ‘Archbishop Cordileone: Harrison Butker’s call…’ 2024/05/24

I’ve known several people who have been blessed and edified by St. Timothy’s. Have you ever attended? (I have not.) Dale Fushek is an old man who was excommunicated by Bishop Olmsted 16 years ago and laicized shortly after.
Deacon Craig Anderson ‘St. Timothy Church, Mesa, Arizona’ 2024/05/24

Despite all of Bishop Olmsted’s hard work and leadership, I think the state of liturgy and music in the Diocese of Phoenix is generally poor. There is too much influence by OCP in parishes here. The Protestant “worship leader” band model has taken over.
OCP ‘St. Timothy Church, Mesa, Arizona’ 2024/05/24

I listened to the Pentecost Mass. The music was not to my taste, but that usually meant it was good for the rest of the congregation. I like the old, but there is nothing wrong with the new.
The preaching is outstanding. The Mass was very reverent.
The only flaw I saw was the request for parishioners to provide daily dinner for the priests. Really? Don’t they have a cook/housekeeper, or …?
Bob One ‘St. Timothy Church, Mesa, Arizona’ 2024/05/25

A gentle reminder that the “natural conservative” wordbabble that George Bush tried to sell us on didn’t keep Latinos stretching from Logan Heights to San Ysidro from voting for traitorous baby-murderers like Vivian Moreno (San Diego City Council), Nora Vargas (Planned Parenthood-supported San Diego County Supervisor for District 1), and other anti-Christian politicians.
Aloysius ‘S.D. City Council votes 9-0 for Bubble Law’ 2024/05/25

I’ve attended XLT at other parishes. How do you define rock music?
I’m old enough to remember rock music and it didn’t sound like what I heard at XLT. In your opinion, is all (or most) contemporary music “rock music?” Does a keyboard, piano or guitar make music “rock” in your mind?
anonymous clergyman ‘St. Timothy Church, Mesa, Arizona’ 2024/05/25

I’ll weigh in on XLT. I’ve been to several. The music consists largely of soft rock ballads of the “Jesus is my boyfriend” variety, sung by a breathy soloist. The musicians totally upstage the Blessed Sacrament.
not a fan ‘St. Timothy Church, Mesa, Arizona’ 2024/05/25

The American flag is such a dangerous right-wing extremist symbol. That Catholic naval officer and governor should be sent to a re-education camp, like Columbia or LMU.
Xi Jinping ‘DeSantis makes Sunshine Skyway Bridge red, white, blue’ 2024/05/27

James Martin is crying in his room. The pope is not gays’ best friend after all.
Knock it off ‘Why the pope used the word faggotry’ 2024/05/28

Ya gotta roll your eyes at the lengths Dems will go to just to kill innocent babies. Grusom, Nan, Joe, all have nasty souls. None of them are young…still time to repent.
Joyce ‘Newsom’s offer to Arizona abortionists useless’ 2024/05/28

I grew up in the Bay Area when most boys used the term “faggot.” Just because one uses certain words growing up does not mean one should continue to use those words, especially as a responsible adult in a prominent position.
Bay Area Catholic ‘Why the pope used the word faggotry’ 2024/05/28

Fair enough, but does anyone worry whether slang terms of murderers, thieves or other criminals are offensive? Isn’t the vice worse than the name?
Tom Byrne ‘Why the pope used the word faggotry’ 2024/05/28

Once again the giant PR apparatus is “standing on its head” to massage the words, to mediate the message so the electro-meat robots respond “correctly.” What happened to “Let your yes be yes?”
Prof. Henry Higgins ‘Why the pope used the word faggotry’ 2024/05/28