I just saw an interview where someone said that boys are not doing well.
They feel emasculated which is a result of gender shaming.
gender shaming ‘California IVF customers want girls’ 2024/05/16

We all know that Bishop Barron is a right-wing extremist.
(Rumor is he actually believes in Jesus and what the Bible says. And, look at the militant word “fire” he uses for his ministry.)
Jammies Martin ‘The Trump-Strickland axis’ 2024/05/16

Is there no decent person this Faggioli won’t trash? He hates Bishop Strickland because he came out against the deviant “Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence”, so now he is going to trash Bishop Baron unless he kisses up to Biden who performed a “homosexual “marriage”.
Anne TE ‘The Trump-Strickland axis’ 2024/05/16

Donald Trump’s supporters are called MAGA Republicans. Faggioli’s supporters should be called FAGA Democrats.
I hate sodomy ‘The Trump-Strickland axis’ 2024/05/20

I do not want to criticize this poor young man. He should never have been put in this position. His discernment that he has been given a platform and he should use it for God-that is not really God’s teaching; that is Oprah’s.
He is young. He does not know.
He does not know ‘Archbishop Cordileone: Harrison Butker’s call…’ 2024/05/20

How ironic is it that Harrison has to teach us about the Roman Catholic Faith when it should be the bishops and priests who should be teaching us and he rightfully called them out on it. Bravo, Harrison, that takes a lot of guts.
Nihil Obstat ‘Archbishop Cordileone: Harrison Butker’s call…’ 2024/05/20

I am proud of Harrison Butker’s courage in the face of widespread cultural rejection of Catholic truth. One would wish, where he is controversial, that commentators would at least give him credit for expressing unpopular viewpoints.
Daniel Gallup ‘Archbishop Cordileone: Harrison Butker’s call…’ 2024/05/20

By “never talking about religion unless they brought it up” the professor and his wife allowed the gay couple to control the relationship and the narrative.
if we shut up ‘LMU’s Chris Kaczor on his gay father-in-law’ 2024/05/20

I hope that his father-in-law had a conversion in the manner of Oscar Wilde. I met Chris some time ago – seemed like a decent guy.
Martin Ssempa Fan 2001 ‘LMU’s Chris Kaczor on his gay father-in-law’ 2024/05/20

Why do you think he persisted in sexual sin “to the end?” It appears from the story that he repented. This side of eternity, it is never too late to repent and seek forgiveness.
Deacon Craig Anderson ‘LMU’s Chris Kaczor on his gay father-in-law’ 2024/05/20

So, a Catholic, he addressed less than 500 graduates, mostly Catholics, at a small Catholic college in Kansas and there’s an international uproar. His teammate and fellow Super Bowl champion Travis Kelce delivered a graduation speech with a beer in hand and said, “You gotta fight for your right to party!”
I’ve a feeling we’re not in Kansas anymore ‘Archbishop Cordileone: Harrison Butker’s call…’ 2024/05/20

Although not gay, my relationship with the Father of Mercy was largely like Dennis’s. Before I “check out,” I hope I can become like Christopher Kaczor. Your service to your father-in-law is inspiring.
Jess Movin’On ‘LMU’s Chris Kaczor on his gay father-in-law’ 2024/05/20

If it’s not a baby, but only a “clump of cells”, why not just let them be?
Peggy ‘The Western Front, 25’ 2024/05/21

The fun part was finding out that the NFL has a Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer. Also, that he’s taken seriously.
Hymie ‘Archbishop Cordileone: Harrison Butker’s call…’ 2024/05/21