Just what every good “Catholic” politician wants: the ability for his daughters to kill his grandchildren. What a horrible person with vile intentions.
Joyce ‘Psaki and Newsom conduct love fest on Calif. abortions’ 2024/05/01

Are you more upset by a traffic delay than the child killing going on? Is jaywalking equivalent to a capital offense?
I’m sure those in Beverly Hills figured out how to continue shopping.
Curious ‘Beverly Hills still closed to 3rd trimester abortions’ 2024/05/01

Dang, I wish I knew about this earlier. My mom was born 2 days before D-day and a pilgrimage to Normandy with a group of solid Catholics would have been the perfect 80th bday present for her.
Jim Sheridan ‘Write your funeral plans now – a visit to Omaha Beach’ 2024/05/01

There is absolutely nothing more important to Dems than killing unborn babies. Nothing
Douglas Oglesby ‘Heather Idoni in solitary confinement’ 2024/05/01

obey rules: If every infraction was prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law, everyone would be in jail, including you! It amazes me that you cannot see the charity and kindness in this angel’s heart. She will be rewarded for her kindness. I pray that God will have mercy on your soul.
Ron ‘Heather Idoni in solitary confinement’ 2024/05/02

I hope I live long enough to see a strong, vibrantly faithful and orthodox Fourth Plenary Council of Baltimore with Strickland as Archbishop of Baltimore (de facto Primate of the U.S.A.) where all this squishy, emotional, effete, compromise-with-the-world nonsense is quashed….
I hope Catholic Herald sees Strickland as prophetic’ 2024/05/02

The Archdiocese of San Francisco sure is different now from the way it was in the Quinn years, Deo gratias!
the Quinn years ‘San Francisco seminarians to lead Eucharistic Pilgrimage’ 2024/05/05

The irony is that Christopher Check (Catholic Answers’ boss) is very much into “old-fashioned” books and is proud that C.A. offers a paper magazine. It must have been his young exuberant staff that insisted to try this.
bedwere ‘What’s wrong with AI acting as priest?’ 2024/05/06

I’m going to vote for Trump, but the Trump Bible project sounds tacky, unnecessary, borderline “new religious” etc. Unbecoming of an American president to sell a Boomer Bible, plus it probably isn’t even a good translation being used.
Aloysius ‘Who is speaking in the Psalms?’ 2024/05/06

Someone is reading the Bible and you complain because it’s missing just several books that Catholics almost never read. When was the last time you read 1 & 2 Maccabees or Tobit?
Tobit, Maccabees ‘Who is speaking in the Psalms?’ 2024/05/06

I’m a parish DRE. I see firsthand how parents don’t really care about truth and knowledge in Catholic faith. We see sharp dropoffs in enrollment after first communion year and especially after confirmation year. The families don’t go to Mass. They just want their membership card punched with the sacramental rites of passage.
parish DRE ‘True Catholic answers via AI’ 2024/05/07

About 25 years ago when I was involved in strategic looks at how to grow a parish, I was stunned by some data from a recent census study that indicated that one of the major decision factors in choosing a church was the quality of the programs for youth. The theology was seldom a consideration. Which church of any denomination had the best sports program, best children’s choirs, best camping programs, best weekend dances, for example.
Bob One ‘True Catholic answers via AI’ 2024/05/07

What I left out is I’m quitting next month. I’ve had it. Twenty-three years doing this, and it’s just not worth it. Most baptized Catholics don’t care about being Catholic anymore.
I’ve had it (parish DRE) ‘True Catholic answers via AI’ 2024/05/07

Frankly, this woman could cheerfully spend the rest of her time not seeing Frida Kahlo or her eyebrows.
SouthCoast ‘Holy Father helicopters to the Venice Biennale’ 2024/05/06

Jesus never visited anyone in prison. Show me where he did. Paul never went to visit murderers. Neither did Peter. Christians visited their fellow Christians who had been wrongly imprisoned. That’s the extent of the New Testament revelation.
Prison visits ‘Holy Father helicopters to the Venice Biennale’ 2024/05/07

Jesus took a convicted thief to Heaven with Him. You should be so lucky.
Jay Prater ‘Holy Father helicopters to the Venice Biennale’ 2024/05/07

Sunday Mass attendance is NOT back to pre-COVID levels. It is well-known that for every one who joins the Catholic Church, six have left. What I attribute to the increase in easter vigil baptisms is the presence of older children and teens. You see, parents have figured out that if they delay baptizing their children until they are of the age of reason, they will receive baptism, first communion, and confirmation all at the easter vigil.
older children ‘Pent-up demand cause of more L.A. baptisms? 2024/05/08