80% of teens who “get confirmed” don’t return to Mass after they “graduate”. Confirmation preparation is one of the Church’s most embarrassing charades. They just “get confirmed” to get mom off their back…
get mom off their back ‘Steubenville’s Fr. Pivonka…’ 2024/03/06

It is a Sacrament of Initiation and should be given at the same age as First Confession and First Communion. It is not an act of affirmation by the confirmand that they believe in the Catholic Faith.
initiation ‘Steubenville’s Fr. Pivonka…’ 2024/03/07

It’s refreshing to see a prominent unbeliever acknowledge truth, even when it’s not popular. Mr. Musk describes his religion as “one of curiosity.” Let’s pray his mind remains open to the Truth and that he comes to know our Lord Jesus Christ, Who is the Truth.
anonymous clergyman ‘Childless world – anyone but Elon Musk paying attention?’ 2024/03/07

To me the melancholiest sounds are a lone train whistle, and the sound of an empty tether ball chain clanging against its pole on an empty school ground after all the children have gone home. Why are so many men sent off to war? Where have all the children gone?
Anne TE ‘Childless world – anyone but Elon Musk paying attention?’ 2024/03/07

TAC did nobody a favor by inviting a swamp creature to campus.
Barr’s pre-crime policies were straight out of the Tom Cruise movie Minority Report. So much for the Magna Carta and habeas corpus … and thousands of years of legal tradition. Barr did nothing when BLM was burning down cities across America, nor when elections were being stolen.
MrBill ‘Former Attorney General Barr…’ 2024/03/09

Fr. Fessio points Jesus’ finger toward us. I think this to be a sober reminder of the deceptiveness of sin.
Daniel Gallup ‘Woe to Us Scribes and Pharisees’ 2024/03/09

McElroy’s diocese. Of course “climate change” is a priority. It’s just as much a pro-life issue as abortion, don’t you know? Seamless garment.
seamless garment ‘San Diego Catholics will lead… Good Friday walks’ 2024/03/11

This break is tragic (and I don’t use that word lightly). We recognize as Saints the Coptic Orthodox martyrs killed by Muslims for refusing to renounce Christ less than a decade ago.
Deacon Craig Anderson ‘The Vatican Tomorrow posted….’ 2024/03/12

Wow! If these are actual statements of the participants, then things are looking up.
looking up ‘UC Irvine students talk synodally’ 2024/03/12

I direct music at a parish, and I’ve introduced a significant amount of chant and Latin. Last Sunday, two 30-somethings approached me and said how much they love and appreciate chant and Latin at Mass. On the same day, a curmudgeonly 87-year-old man approached me in his walker and said that he hates Latin.
future of the church ‘UC Irvine students talk synodally’ 2024/03/12

It is illogical to be prolife, antiabortion yet pro IVF. Such an amalgamation of positions is philosophically, logically, and scientifically inconsistent and untenable. It shows that a lot of conservatives don’t have a clue that IVF generates human beings in a laboratory.
logic important ‘Alabama IVF ruling…’ 2024/03/13

The IAF is a Saul Alinsky Community Organizing organization— pure socialism/Communism. Saul Alinsky dedicated his book “Rules for Radicals” to Lucifer.
Peggy ‘Archbishop Gomez: ‘Our God is called love’ 2024/03/13

I am so blessed to have come across these specific readings today.
Maurin ‘Archbishop Gomez: ‘Our God is called love’ 2024/03/13